Finalto appoints ex-Saxo Markets Daniel Leis as Sales Director

“I’m genuinely thrilled to become a part of Finalto. It is incredibly exciting to be helping Finalto continue to be market leaders in cutting edge multi-asset trading and liquidity provision.”

Finalto has announced the appointment of Daniel Leis as its new Sales Director, based in London, UK. Bringing a wealth of experience in finance, with a strong background in sales strategies, client relationship management, and business development, Leis aims to bolster the company’s leadership in the multi-asset trading and liquidity provision sector.

Daniel Leis joins Finalto after more than 15 years of experience from notable institutions including Saxo, Interactive Brokers, Barclays, and Goldman Sachs. His background spans various roles, notably in directorial positions and senior institutional sales, emphasizing his expertise in private wealth management and institutional business development.

In his new role, Leis will focus on leading the sales team, identifying new market opportunities, and enhancing client engagement strategies. His leadership is anticipated to drive significant growth and strengthen Finalto’s market presence.

“Watching their remarkable growth and trajectory has been inspiring”

Daniel Leis, Sales Director at Finalto, commented: “I’m genuinely thrilled to become a part of Finalto. It is incredibly exciting to be helping Finalto continue to be market leaders in cutting edge multi-asset trading and liquidity provision. Watching their remarkable growth and trajectory has been inspiring, and now, I’m thrilled to embark on this journey alongside such a dynamic team. These are incredibly exciting times, and I’m eager to contribute to Finalto’s ongoing success. The people and culture here are exceptional, and I couldn’t be more delighted to be joining such a great company.”

Paul Groves, UK B2B Chief Executive Officer at Finalto, commented: “With the market’s opportunities at hand, it is crucial for Finalto to ensure we have the right people in place. Daniel’s addition to our sales team, based in our London office, reinforces our belief that the right team is key to maximising opportunities. With a wealth of experience and a broad network covering multiple jurisdictions, Daniel is well-positioned to drive business growth. Both he and Finalto are confident in his ability to add value to our client base and future projects in the months and years ahead.”

Finalto in a hiring spree

Finalto has been active in strengthening its team with significant hires across various regions, focusing on expanding its institutional sales and liquidity services, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area.

Chris Xu was appointed as Vice President of Institutional Sales for Finalto Australia, highlighting the company’s ambition to deepen its engagement across the APAC region. Xu’s role emphasizes delivering financial solutions to affluent individuals and family offices, underpinning Finalto’s strategic expansion and commitment to innovation in financial services​​.

Kenneth Lim joined Finalto as Head of Liquidity Asia, a move aimed at enhancing the company’s liquidity provisions and execution framework in Asia. Lim’s expertise in liquidity, spanning over a decade, is expected to add significant value to Finalto’s offerings in FX, Metals, and CFDs. His role includes overseeing the operations at Finalto’s Singapore data center, which is part of the firm’s strategy to improve connectivity and service delivery in the region​​.

Cal Portway was hired to reinforce Finalto’s Asia institutional business, bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure in the FX industry. Portway’s appointment is part of Finalto’s broader strategy to expand its sales capabilities and enhance its agency e-FX execution services across Asia. With 28 years of experience in financial services, including derivatives trading and sales, Portway’s expertise is poised to contribute significantly to Finalto’s growth and client service excellence in the APAC market​​.