FalconX enhances risk and execution capabilities in new institutional platform, FalconX 360

“Institutions just lost over $2B with the largest deleveraging in the crypto market we’ve ever seen, and investors are hungry for a solution to mitigate risk and properly balance their portfolio to protect their positions and their clients’ interests.”

Institutional digital assets platform FalconX has launched an investment and risk management platform for crypto, going by the name of FalconX 360.

FalconX 360 provides institutional investors full-spectrum execution capabilities and end-to-end reporting across their entire digital asset portfolio.

Cross-margining, liquidity, position and post-trade data, staking, borrow

The new service allows institutional investors to get cross-margining capabilities across their crypto investments within a single user interface and have access to 94% of the global liquidity, position and post-trade data for certain OTC derivatives trading, institutional staking and the ability to borrow against all their balances and positions.

Samir Ghosh, Head of Product, said: “Institutions just lost over $2B with the largest deleveraging in the crypto market we’ve ever seen, and investors are hungry for a solution to mitigate risk and properly balance their portfolio to protect their positions and their clients’ interests. FalconX 360 is the answer, with our built-in treasury management solution and cross portfolio margin tools, investors now have the ability to optimize their market exposure through a single, simplified portal with unprecedented stability, visibility, security and risk controls.”

Alessandro Balata, Portfolio Manager with Fasanara Capital, said: “FalconX 360 is extremely comprehensive, streamlining crypto management with unprecedented operational and capital efficiency. The responsiveness of the team and the platform capabilities are impressive, allowing management of all our accounts in a simple and intuitive manner.”

Josh Anderson, President, Geometric Management Ltd, commented: “Fragmentation across platforms and relationships makes it hard to get a big-picture view and can also introduce security concerns. There are plenty of platforms to trade, borrow or manage operations. FalconX integrates all of these into a user-friendly platform. They’ve been a great partner, responsive and thoughtful about our business needs.”

FalconX listed several key features made available through FalconX 360: 

  • The ability to see and manage cross-portfolio margin to remain secure in your position and drive capital efficiency.
  • Access pricing from 70+ liquidity venues with built-in smart order routing, treasury management, risk management and operations.
  • Real-time tracking of balance/positions with built-in cross-platform reporting all in one place— a capability that would take months of technical integration to build DIY. FalconX 360 eliminates that burden, allowing institutions to focus on serving investors, rather than building a complex, bespoke system they now have to maintain.
  • FalconX’s exclusive new Orderbook module allows investors to trade directly with FalconX, while simultaneously benefiting from the best prices across global liquidity venues. Unlike other platforms that only offer U.S. liquidity, Orderbook allows investors to tap into global exchanges to access a much deeper liquidity pool. FalconX’s sophisticated treasury management allocates capital efficiently such that FalconX can reliably source liquidity at the best price.
  • Scalability to expand crypto activities from trading to lending to derivatives, with complete visibility across all activities and the ability to shift capital to meet margin requirements, all in one platform.
  • Access to FalconX’s continued innovation, including analytics and insights based on historical trading to optimize future investment performance to maximize returns.
  • High-touch service and personalized solutions to help institutional investors build out their digital asset business.
    “FalconX 360 is the foundation for the future of investing — the platform on which we’ll build more value-added services to give investors the confidence and security to realize the full potential of truly global digital asset investing,” said Raghu Yarlagadda, Founder and CEO of FalconX.

FalconX is backed by big names, including American Express, Lightspeed, Tiger Global, and more. The crypto trading platform offers access to staking, derivatives, and prime services.