Exness Named a Best Place to Work in 2024

 Global leader Exness, tops in retail trading volume, earns 2024 “Best Place to Work” award, cementing its employee-centric culture after three prior years of winning the Cyprus national title.

 The awarded certificate recognizes Exness’ excellence across a range of criteria, including leadership, growth opportunities, and HR practices. The company excelled in key areas like career progression, employee engagement, and talent strategy, with a whopping 97% of employees acknowledging it as an exceptional employer. Moreover, 91% of respondents expressed a strong likelihood of recommending Exness as a workplace of choice.

Beyond these impressive statistics, employee testimonials paint a vivid picture of Exness’ unique culture. Employees emphasize the company’s commitment to their well-being and job satisfaction, with one stating, “The company consistently strives to provide a better work-life balance, which is evident from their previous accolades.” Another echoes this sentiment, saying, “Fairness and equality are paramount at Exness, just like they’ve been recognized as a top employer for years.” These sentiments further emphasize the collaborative, innovative, and inclusive environment that sets Exness apart.

Fuad Karimov, Exness Chief People Officer, noted, “This global acknowledgment from a world-reputed program such as Best Places to Work is a stamp of approval for every strategic decision we make to create a nurturing and dynamic work environment. We truly understand the importance of investing in our people, as they are the cornerstone of our success. This certification will fuel our efforts to not only maintain our workplace standards but also innovate with new ideas for employee engagement, development, and satisfaction.”

Exness’ dedication to its employees extends to fostering continuous learning and development. Personalized development plans and ample advancement opportunities empower individuals to achieve excellence. Additionally, a comprehensive benefits package, including company cars for over 1,000 Cyprus employees, in-house gyms, corporate doctors, and a flexible work model, solidifies Exness’ status as a leading employer.

This global recognition, coupled with the company’s impressive track record in Cyprus, serves as a testament to Exness’ unwavering commitment to creating a positive, rewarding, and successful work environment for its employees across the globe.


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