Everything Blockchain acquires ATrade for $1 million to launch new US-based platform

ATrade Desktop is an online stock alerts service that provides visually simplified stock alerts, including risk management, stock selection, and order matching.

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Everything Blockchain has acquired alternative trading system vetted trading platform, ATrade Desktop SoftwareTM, for $1 million in cash.

The specialist in blockchain, decentralized processing, and zero trust applications, will seek appropriately licensing through multiple jurisdictions while enhancing the software through the use of Blockchain architecture and incorporating a cryptocurrency trading platform.

ATrade Desktop is an online stock alerts service that provides visually simplified stock alerts, including risk management, stock selection, and order matching.

Everything Blockchain will leverage ATrde to develop its new EBI Platform to offer onboarding, management transfer of assets, and more for traders. The Company expects multiple rollouts as it obtains its licensing which could be as early as 3 months, with all elements operational by the end of this calendar year.

The company said it is tracking at least four additional patents in support of this new product and service. The acquisition of ATrade follows the company’s four acquisitions in 2021, including Mercury, Inc., a move designed to expand its solution engineering and product development reach.

“As we continue to grow our services, locations and technology throughout the country, we also want to make it easier for traders to access everything they need at their fingertips, which is exactly what this new platform will enable. We look forward to adopting ATrade’s technology to enhance trading and access as Everything Blockchain compounds its growth and expands the use of cryptocurrency”, said Everything Blockchain CEO Eric Jaffe.

Everything Blockchain is the new brand name of OBITX, Inc. which was established in March 2017. At first, the business provided computer related services, such as development, acquiring Internet publishing, broadcasting, and web search portals. It published and generated textual, audio, and/or video content on the Internet, and operated websites that used search engines to generate and maintain extensive databases of Internet addresses and content.

In April 2020, Everything Blockchain, through a change of control action, discontinued that line of operations in favor of Blockchain development.

Everything Blockchain’s first achievement was its participation in HEX, touted as the Internet’s first high yield cryptocurrency certificate of deposit, that is one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap (approximately $50B) in the world.

The Florida-based firm has recently hired Jessica Hunt as its Chief Marketing Officer. She has over ten years of experience in marketing, having worked for both startups and large organizations. Most recently, Hunt was CMO at One Exchange, a fintech company.

Hunt will lead and drive all aspects of Everything Blockchain’s marketing strategy to support and accelerate Everything Blockchain’s growth, including brand marketing, user experience, education, public relations and communication strategies, and retention strategies.