EU-regulated DIFX joins Dubai-based Crypto Oasis ecosystem

Crypto Oasis will support DIFX’s efforts as they work towards growing their user base to over 5 million by the end of 2023.

Nasdaq Dubai leads the world in sharia compliant securities

Blockchain-based cross-asset trading platform DIFX has joined the Crypto Oasis ecosystem to work together to bridge the gap between digital and traditional assets.

DIFX, which offers fully-insured Wallets and cross-asset trading, is an EU-regulated crypto exchange connecting individuals, prime brokers, and corporations.

As a member of the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem, DIFX will be able to interact with other industry members and expand its presence in the global crypto market. It will also benefit from an ecosystem approach with sister entities in the decentralized exchange and NFT space.

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis, said: “We are excited to have DIFX onboard to help them embrace opportunities that can transform the crypto space with their vision and technology. Their focus on growth as a trading ecosystem and building a global business matches our mindset”.

Jeetu Kataria, CEO and Co-Founder of DIFX, commented: “Crypto Oasis has granted us an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded industry experts and become a leading member of the crypto community and its journey to mass adoption. With many resources available, those who are willing to put in extra effort and immerse themselves in the situation at hand will prevail, thus paving the way for mass adoption to become a reality.”

DIFX provides a crypto wallet insured against thefts, hacks, or malpractices, and features a novel Nomination Program that lets users nominate their family and friends as beneficiaries through a Blockchain-based asset transference system.

The Nomination Program allows users to nominate up to five members, in differing percentages to receive their DIFX wallet funds upon their death.

Crypto Oasis, a Middle East-focused Blockchain Ecosystem supported by initiators of Crypto Valley Switzerland, will support DIFX’s efforts as they work towards growing their user base to over 5 million by the end of 2023.

The “oasis” is an ecosystem that includes investors, collectors, startups, projects, corporates, science & research institutions, service providers, and government entities and associations.

Crypto Oasis already counts with more than 1,000 member organizations in the UAE alone and aims toward 1,500 across the region by the end of 2022.

It was in May 2022 that Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) secured an additional license from the European Union for virtual asset exchange and custody services.

Headquartered in Cayman Islands, the fully insured cross-asset exchange platform launched in 2020 acquired the license in line with DIFX’s mission to become a leading platform for cross-asset trading.

The platform boasts numerous crypto pairs on DIFX Spot Exchange along with the DIFX MT5, thus allowing users to manage and trade more than 700 assets including international stocks, currencies, commodities, and over 100 crypto perpetual futures with leverage. The platform is set to have a total of over 1000 assets that range from both traditional and digital markets.