Equinix allocates $4.9 billion of green bonds proceeds in spectacular ESG move

“Through the allocation of our green bonds, we continue to be able to directly align our financing needs with our sustainability strategy.”

Equinix, Inc., the renowned global leader in digital infrastructure, marked a notable achievement in its journey toward environmental sustainability.

The company has successfully allocated the entirety of its $4.9 billion in green bonds, a testament to its commitment to becoming climate-neutral by 2030. This milestone positions Equinix as one of the top ten largest green bond issuers in the United States.

172 green building projects spread across 105 sites and 33 energy efficiency projects

Since the inception of these bond offerings in 2020, Equinix has strategically directed these funds to support an array of green initiatives. A significant portion of the investment went towards the development of 172 green building projects spread across 105 sites. These projects are a critical component of the company’s broader strategy to enhance the eco-efficiency of its operations. In addition, 33 energy efficiency projects received backing, further reinforcing Equinix’s pledge to reduce its carbon footprint.

A pivotal aspect of Equinix’s green strategy is its engagement in renewable energy through two Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These agreements underscore the company’s proactive approach in supporting renewable energy projects. The PPAs contribute to a significant renewable energy capacity of 225 megawatts, expected to mitigate 383,300 metric tons of CO2e annually. This figure is equivalent to the emissions from over 85,000 gasoline-powered vehicles, highlighting the substantial environmental impact of these initiatives.

Equinix has established a Green Finance Framework, grounded in the principles of the Green Bond and Green Loan Principles. This framework is a reflection of the company’s dedication to addressing global climate change, increasing resource efficiency, and driving transparency and accountability in its operations. The allocation of 100% of the green financing net proceeds to Eligible Green Projects, such as green buildings and renewable energy, showcases how Equinix is integrating sustainability into the core of its business operations.

One of the noteworthy projects financed through these green bonds is the Equinix Co-Innovation Facility (CIF) in Ashburn, VA. This facility serves as a platform for experimenting with advanced power, cooling, and control methodologies, including direct-to-chip liquid cooling technologies. Furthermore, the MU4 IBX data center in Aschheim, Germany, exemplifies optimal efficiency with its hybrid cooling technologies and sustainable energy storage systems.

Equinix’s commitment to renewable energy is also evident in its involvement in projects like the Rush Springs wind farm. This commitment to building new renewable energy resources aligns with the company’s responsible growth strategy.

Equinix recognized by US EPA as a Top 100 Green Power Partner

The company’s efforts in sustainability have not gone unnoticed. Equinix achieved the highest-ranking score in the CDP’s 2022 “Climate Change A List,” a significant recognition of its transparent and effective climate action strategies. Moreover, the U.S. EPA has consistently recognized Equinix as a Top 100 Green Power Partner, emphasizing its commitment to 100% clean and renewable energy across its portfolio.

In addition to its internal efforts, Equinix actively participates in industry-wide initiatives like the Climate Neutral Data Centre Operator Pact. This commitment to ensuring European data centers are carbon neutral by 2030 reflects the company’s leadership in promoting environmental priorities across the industry.

Through these comprehensive and strategic initiatives, Equinix not only progresses towards its sustainability goals but also sets a benchmark for environmental responsibility in the digital infrastructure sector. The successful allocation of its green bond proceeds is a clear indication of Equinix’s dedication to designing, building, and operating its infrastructure in the most sustainable way possible, benefiting not just the company and its stakeholders but also the planet at large.

Katrina Rymill, SVP Corporate Finance & Sustainability, Equinix, said: “Equinix considers green bonds a valuable tool to raise capital and finance large projects that can increase the sustainability of our business. Our green bonds demonstrate Equinix’s continued commitment to design, build and deliver the most reliable, secure and sustainable data center and digital infrastructure possible in order to benefit our customers, the communities in which we operate, our investors, and the planet. Through the allocation of our green bonds, we continue to be able to directly align our financing needs with our sustainability strategy.”