Enhancing Brokerage Efficiency with AltimaCRM

Discover how AltimaCRM enhances KYC and data verification processes for forex brokers, streamlining operations and ensuring compliance.

In the forex industry, technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and data verification for brokers. AltimaCRM, developed by Intivion Technologies, stands out as a leading solution in this regard, offering a suite of innovative tools designed to optimize brokerage operations and enhance efficiency.

AltimaCRM is specifically engineered to address the diverse needs of forex brokers, providing advanced automation capabilities to streamline lead conversion processes, operations, and overall workflow. Its intuitive interface and powerful features enable brokers to execute a wide range of marketing strategies while maintaining a robust and secure trading environment.

AltimaCRM empowers brokers to optimize lead conversion processes through advanced automation features. By leveraging innovative technologies, such as Google Cloud Vision Services, AltimaCRM accelerates compliance procedures and enhances data verification processes. The integration of Google Cloud Vision APIs enables image analysis for identity verification, ensuring a secure and efficient onboarding experience for traders.

AltimaCRM employs an advanced ranking system to ensure rigorous identity verification, incorporating both automated and manual workflows. Traders can interact with agents to submit additional proof of documents, providing an added layer of security against fraudulent activities. The automated verification system significantly reduces the workload for agents, enhancing operational efficiency while mitigating security risks.

AltimaCRM offers flexibility and interoperability by integrating with third-party KYC and data verification providers, such as Shufti Pro, Jumio, and Onfido. Its API architecture facilitates seamless integration, eliminating data silos and technology pain points. This interoperability allows brokers to leverage a diverse range of verification tools and technologies to meet their specific compliance requirements.

AltimaCRM’s Vision API capabilities provide essential functionalities, including image labeling, face detection, and text recognition. Through computer vision technology, the API accurately identifies and extracts information from images, enabling automated verification of names, addresses, and other key data. This technology enhances security and ensures consistency between provided information and extracted text.

AltimaCRM has emerged as a trusted solution for forex brokers seeking to streamline KYC and data verification processes. With its advanced automation features, rigorous identity verification protocols, and seamless integration capabilities, AltimaCRM offers a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving needs of the forex industry. Explore AltimaCRM today and elevate your brokerage management to new heights.

Intivion Technologies is a leading provider of advanced technology and CRM solutions for forex brokers. With over 16 years of industry experience, Intivion offers agile tool suites, including AltimaCRM and AltimaIB, to optimize brokerage operations. Intivion specializes in designing, developing, and implementing large-scale CMS websites, bridging forex CRM systems and MT4 trading platforms for enhanced efficiency and performance.

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