Engage in the UF AWARDS MEA 2024 Voting Round!

This December, seize the opportunity to shape the outcome of the UF AWARDS MEA 2024, featuring some of the most prominent titles in the industry.

Although nominations have closed, the excitement continues with the live Voting Round and the eagerly anticipated Awards Ceremony set for January.

Hosted by Ultimate Fintech, the UF AWARDS MEA 2024 stand out by recognizing top-notch B2C and B2B brands in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). These awards celebrate pioneering achievements, innovation, and significant contributions in the online trading and fintech sector. Winning these prestigious honors not only brings acclaim but also sets a benchmark for traders and businesses, elevating them to industry elite status.

Witness the competition unfold as leading brands vie for supremacy. Does your company have what it takes to secure enough votes and establish itself as a true industry authority this January?

Participate in the UF AWARDS MEA 2024 Voting Round!

The Voting Round levels the playing field for all nominated brands, allowing participants and industry peers to make their voices heard on a grand stage. Voting officially begins on December 20 and continues until January 10. To cast your vote, simply register on the UF AWARDS website and complete the online Voting Form.

Here’s a quick guide to casting your vote:

  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Log in to the UF AWARDS website with your credentials.
  3. Complete the Voting Form, ensuring all mandatory fields are filled before clicking ‘submit.’

Each participant can vote in multiple categories but for only one brand within each category. Make your voice count, as each participant is allowed only one vote. The Voting Round is free, and companies can vote for themselves or third-party brands.

As competition intensifies, your vote could be the key to victory this January! Explore the list of previous year’s winners for inspiration.

Does Your Brand Have What it Takes to Win at the UF AWARDS MEA 2024?

The UF AWARDS MEA 2024 are unparalleled, bestowing the highest accolades in the region to a select few outstanding brands. Is your brand among them? Encourage your company to embark on a promotional campaign across social platforms to drive votes.

The UF AWARDS MEA 2024 encompass diverse categories such as:

  • Best Broker – MEA
  • Most Trusted Broker – MEA
  • Best CFD Broker – MEA
  • Best Multi-Asset Broker – MEA
  • Best Trading Platform – MEA
  • Best Connectivity Provider – MEA
  • Best CRM Software Provider – MEA
  • Best Payment Service Provider – MEA

Winning a UF AWARD not only enhances brand image but also provides international visibility, setting your company apart from competitors. Votes will be tallied in the coming weeks, with winners announced at the official UF AWARDS MEA 2024 Ceremony on January 17, concluding the first day of iFX EXPO Dubai 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

iFX EXPO is the premier online trading event series, bringing together professionals in online trading, fintech, and financial services globally for over a decade.

Be part of history and cast your vote today!