Elena Kupriianova Joins Spotware as Chief Marketing Officer

Elena Kupriianova, recognized for her data-driven strategies and expertise in building effective marketing teams, has been named the Chief Marketing Officer at Spotware, the developers of the cTrader platform.

With a robust background in the financial services industry, Elena has held significant roles at several top-tier brokerages, including Exness, Capital.com, and Currency.com. Before joining Spotware, she served as the Global Head of Marketing at CFI, a Dubai-based brokerage.

Elena’s professional experience covers a wide range of international markets, including MENA, APAC, EU, UK, and LATAM regions. She has a notable record of fostering AI integration and implementing agile methodologies within marketing teams, practices that are predominant in IT but still emerging in marketing.

Photo Elena Kupriianova

“I believe humans and technology are inseparable, nowhere more evident than in the financial industry. New financial technology, such as web3 and blockchain, has already made a paradigm shift in the essence of our understanding of money itself. I am truly happy to join Spotware, a distinguished leader in financial technology solutions, and believe that cTrader should become the go-to platform for all partners and traders because of its unmatched dedication to innovation, especially in algo trading” – Kupriianova says. 

“We are happy to welcome Elena to our team of tech-driven financial professionals, and we are confident that her expertise will leverage Spotware’s capacity to effectively reach users with top trading solutions” – underlines Ilia Iarovitcyn, CEO of Spotware. 

Spotware has been a prominent player in the fintech space for over 14 years, providing advanced technology solutions and infrastructure. The company has established a substantial network, partnering with over 240 brokers and proprietary trading firms, including well-known entities like IC Markets, Pepperstone, and Funding Pips. The company also recently integrated its flagship cTrader platform with TradingView’s front end.

Spotware’s flagship trading platform, cTrader, is renowned for its innovative features and user-friendly interface, which have significantly contributed to its widespread adoption by more than 4 million traders globally, thereby redefining industry standards.