Investoo Group Acquired its First Spanish-Speaking Product, Seventh Acquisition Since Dec. 2016

efxtoFx and Crypto affiliate firm, Investoo Group has made another acquisition in its European home base by buying The latest acquistion comes soon after it made its presence felt in the US through acquiring is the first Spanish-speaking product for the company.

According to Investoo Group, the acquistion of will help to grow its extensive portfolio, that is built through inorganic expansions. The product will sit alongside, Portuguese speaking South American crypto news site was launched in 2016 and offers a wide range of informative reviews, latest news and market comparisons. The website is the most influential forex review provider in Latin America, attracting traffic from both Latin America and Europe and has higher loyal user base from Mexico, Spain and Colombia. 

David Merry, CEO and Chairman of The Board of Investoo Group
David Merry, CEO and Chairman of The Board of Investoo Group

Commenting to the development, David Merry, CEO and Chairman of The Board of Investoo Group said:

“We are always looking for opportunities to innovate, grow, and enhance our impact on the global fintech sector. We strategically align our movements against current market trends and acted with efficiency to acquire The site has an impressively positive reputation and very strong community of dedicated visitors. This successful acquisition will help us reach and educate new global audiences; raising our significance both in the forex, and the Latin American market.”

Investoo Group in 2017 has generated revenue of $18 million and was mainly driven by acquisitions in both fx and crypto space. The company has made seven acquistion including the, since December 2016. The group recently ventured into the ICO space with its very first product, To support the spree of acquisitions, the group had secured a GBP 7.5 million credit line late last year.