Edgewater Markets unveils new RFQ service for EMFX trading

Edgewater’s new RFQ service boasts innovative customization features, competitive pricing, efficiency, and anonymity, designed to help clients trade how they see fit, accommodating their unique order and trade flow.

Edgewater Markets

In a move aimed at disrupting the landscape of emerging market foreign exchange trading, Edgewater Markets LLC is rolling out a groundbreaking Request for Quote (RFQ) trade execution service.

The product is set to transform the way traders execute their trades by providing an unparalleled level of efficiency for large and unique order flows.

Customization, pricing, efficiency, anonymity

The forex market, known for its high liquidity and intricate complexities, demands solutions that are equally sophisticated. Edgewater’s new RFQ service does just that—offering traders an advanced tool designed to improve both trading experiences and outcomes.

Key Features:

Customization: The RFQ service allows traders to tailor their order flows according to specific requirements such as order size, trade parameters, and risk management preferences. This enables traders to align their strategies more closely with marketplace conditions.
Competitive Pricing: Edgewater’s network of top-tier liquidity providers ensures traders have access to the best possible quotes. This is bolstered by deep local and regional liquidity, giving Edgewater a competitive edge.
Efficiency: The new service streamlines the quoting and trading process, eliminating inefficiencies associated with older methods of execution via phone and chat.
Anonymity: Acknowledging the importance of client confidentiality, Edgewater guarantees anonymity, ensuring traders can operate without the risk of data mining or trading in a skewed manner.

Trade how you see fit, accommodating your unique order and trade flow

“At Edgewater Markets, we are dedicated to delivering solutions that empower our clients to trade how they see fit, accommodating their unique order and trade flow,” said Brian Andreyko, Chief Product Officer of Edgewater Markets. “Our RFQ product represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide traders with the tools they need to succeed in the forex markets. We are excited about the possibilities this product offers and the positive impact it will have on our clients’ trading strategies.”

The launch comes at a crucial time when there is an increasing need for advanced trading tools that can navigate the labyrinthine realm of emerging market forex trading. With the introduction of its RFQ service, Edgewater continues its tradition of innovation, bringing a new level of performance and reliability to the forex trading world.

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