dxFeed successfully completes SIFMA and FIA industry-wide BC and DR tests

Catering to a diverse clientele, including traditional and crypto markets, dxFeed serves brokerages, prop traders, exchanges, individual traders, quants, portfolio managers, and academic institutions. 

dxFeed, a prominent market data and index management provider, has successfully completed the Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) testing conducted by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the Futures Industry Association (FIA) in October 2023.

This achievement underscores the company’s exceptional resilience and reliability in the face of potential disruptions.

The exercise involved 16 exchanges and 23 market data feeds

During the rigorous testing process, which saw participation from nearly 100 entities including exchanges and clearing organizations, dxFeed showcased its steadfast commitment to operational continuity in emergency situations.

The company was part of an exercise involving 16 exchanges and the testing of 23 market data feeds, with dxFeed maintaining seamless operations for 22 feeds from disaster recovery sites.

In SIFMA’s Industry-Wide BC testing, an essential initiative to evaluate the financial industry’s preparedness for emergency scenarios, dxFeed emerged as a standout participant. The test highlighted the company’s robust infrastructure and effective disaster recovery systems, proving its capability to deliver uninterrupted market data even in challenging conditions.

In the FIA Disaster Recovery Exercise, an annual event focusing on continuity and connectivity in the global cleared derivatives industry, dxFeed’s participation further solidified its reputation for maintaining operational integrity. The company effectively demonstrated its proficiency in managing both front-office and back-office functionalities amidst unforeseen disruptions.

Throughout the testing period, dxFeed ensured that its customers experienced no disruption in connectivity. The company adeptly redirected connections to Disaster Recovery (DR) paths and circuits internally, showcasing its flexibility and commitment to service excellence.

Oleg Solodukhin, CEO of dxFeed, said: “These successful SIFMA and FIA Industry-Wide BC and DR tests reaffirm dxFeed’s dedication to providing our clients with unparalleled reliability and resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges. Our ability to maintain normal operations during these critical tests underscores our commitment to delivering market-leading solutions and upholding the highest standards of service excellence.”

Catering to a diverse clientele, including traditional and crypto markets, dxFeed serves brokerages, prop traders, exchanges, individual traders, quants, portfolio managers, and academic institutions.

dxFeed offers access to US Equities data via Exocharts charting

The market data provider has recently embarked on an important expansion initiative by collaborating with Exocharts, a provider of Order Flow and Market Profile charting in the futures contracts and cryptocurrency markets.

Through this partnership, traders and investors gain access to US Equities data, including Nasdaq TotalView Market Depth and Nasdaq Basic Top of Book, via the Exocharts charting platform. This integration enhanced traders’ capabilities by providing them with market insights and detailed data, aiding them in making well-informed decisions in today’s dynamic financial environment.

dxFeed’s experience in the traditional finance sector, serving over 2+ million data points, brings valuable insights that can now be leveraged for on-chain DeFi and DEX products.

dxFeed data bundles, which include depth of market data along with bid/ask and traded volume information, incorporates solutions for the storage and retrieval of historical data. Its interface offers insights into the behavior of other market participants, which influence the price movement, and allows users to analyze the historical order book evolution, track DOM Liquidity and HFT algorithms.