Detailed Guide On How To Open a Brokerage Account

FBS Malaysia, a globally recognized trading broker, offers a diverse range of trading instruments and a user-friendly platform, backed by 24/7 support and streamlined registration processes.

FBS is a global online trading broker active in over 190 countries for over a decade.  They’ve already garnered around 40 awards from various global regulators and industry groups. Regulated in Belize, Australia, and Cyprus, FBS’s credibility is evident. According to the Traders Union website, FBS Malaysia offers diverse Forex trading opportunities, including futures and commodities. 

FBS Malaysia: A Comprehensive Broker for Diverse Trading Needs

TU experts argue that in assessing FBS Malaysia as an online broker, three primary considerations emerge: the broker’s credibility, their fee structure, and the diversity of trading instruments they offer. FBS Malaysia meets these criteria, offering a user-friendly platform optimized for both mobile and desktop users. They provide a range of trade accounts, catering to various trading preferences and strategies. Notably, EU traders receive negative balance protection. Additionally, the company prides itself on its diligent support staff, available 24/7 to address traders’ inquiries promptly.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open a Brokerage Account with FBS in Malaysia

Opening an FBS account for MetaTrader in Malaysia is straightforward. Follow the steps below to ensure a seamless registration process:

  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play Begin by installing the FBS – Trading Broker application to facilitate the creation of your trading account.
  2. Install the FBS – Trading Broker app Click the “Get” button in the App Store or the “Install” button on Google Play. Wait patiently for the application to download and install.
  3. Initiate the Registration in the App Launch the app by double-tapping its icon. Once opened, tap on “Registration” found at the bottom of the screen to start the FBS login Malaysia process.
  4. Decide Your Preferred Registration Method FBS provides flexibility in the registration process. You can either use a social network account for faster registration or manually enter the required data. If you opt for the latter, select “Sign up with email”. Before proceeding, ensure you have gone through the Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy in detail.
  5. Complete Manual Registration (If Chosen) For those opting for manual registration, input your email and full name in the appropriate fields, then tap on “Register”.
  6. Review the Information Displayed Once you’ve entered your details, the system will provide you with a temporary password. It’s imperative to change this to a personal, secure password of your choice. After setting your new password, click on “Complete registration” to finalize your FBS login Malaysia process.

FBS Malaysia: A Balanced Look at Its Strengths and Weaknesses

When deciding on a trading platform, Traders Union experts note that it’s essential to weigh the advantages against the potential drawbacks. Let’s take an in-depth look at FBS Malaysia’s pros and cons suggested by analysts at TU to provide a clearer picture for potential users.


  1. Round-the-clock support: FBS Malaysia ensures that assistance is just a click away, no matter when you need it.
  2. Huge variety of trading instruments: Diversify your trading strategies with an extensive range of instruments at your fingertips.
  3. Easy and simple registration process: Get started without the hassle. FBS Malaysia has streamlined its registration, making it straightforward even for beginners.
  4. No inactivity fee: Take a break from trading without worrying about unnecessary charges eating into your funds.


  1. Limited number of base currencies for funding accounts: While FBS Malaysia offers a plethora of features, its restriction on base currencies might be a drawback for some international traders.

It’s always beneficial to be informed about both the strengths and potential limitations of a platform before diving in, ensuring you make the best decision for your trading needs.


When it comes to evaluating the credibility of FBS Malaysia, it’s evident that they are recognized as one of the best international brokers in the world. A number of reputable regulatory institutions are in charge of overseeing their operations around the world. The broker not only offers a diverse range of trading instruments but also sets a fair and flexible fee structure. According to Traders Union experts, even though the investment protection applies predominantly to European clientele, the platform’s reputation remains solid and commendable.