DECTA Offers Merchants’ Transition to E-Commerce in 24 Hours

DECTA, the leading processing center and provider of end-to-end
services for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing, has
launched a 24-hour merchant account opening program. This provides a
unique option for merchants willing to shift their business to online.

To support a fast transition to e-commerce, DECTA offers a one-day
merchant account opening and instant access to the DECTA Gateway. In
24 hours, a company representative will be able to invoice customers
online and see their payment status to get started the delivery

The service offers transition to online payments for every sector and
industry, from retail to wholesale, from financial industry,
electronics, healthcare or food supply, with or without website.
Merchants must contact the firm email ([email protected]) and add
information about the company and the goods they are selling to DECTA
payment gateway, as well as present company structure and ownership
documents for simplified legal checks to start receiving payments.

DECTA Gateway allows merchants to generate as many electronic
invoices, which contain a payment link that is sent to the customer’s
e-mail and when opened and is redirected to the DECTA payment page,
where the customer makes the payment. After the payment has been made,
the DECTA Gateway will display information about the successful
payment and the merchant may begin to deliver the product or service

“For those who want to supplement electronic invoicing with card
payment acceptance from the company’s own website (without sending the
invoice via e-mail) then it is possible to integrate the website with
DECTA Gateway API at the same time. Given that DECTA Gateway maintains
plug-ins for popular online trading platforms such as WooCommerce,
Opencart, Magento and others, integration can be accomplished in just
a few days”, the firm stated in the official announcement.

DECTA is a leading processing center and provider of end-to-end
services for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing for
thousands of customers worldwide, including banks, financial
organizations, payment services providers, and online merchants. DECTA
Limited is a fully licensed e-money institution, authorized by the FCA
UK to provide financial services.