Dan Yoo Appointed as Coinbase VP of Business & Data

Karthik Subramanian

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Dan Yoo Appointed as Coinbase’ VP of Business & Data

September 12, 2019

Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in world recently made an announcement stating that it now has new addition to its leadership team. Dan Yoo’s appointment at the firm comes as a relief measure for Chief Operating Officer Emilie Choi who was initially responsible for Business (Biz Ops and Strategy, Corp Dev, Biz Dev) and Data (Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Eng) along with interim HR and Recruiting roles. Following resignation of former Chief Operating Officer Asiff Hirji earlier this year in the month of June, Ms. Choi became Hirji’s successor and also took on the responsibilities of overseeing the firm’s Security, Customer Operations, International, IT, Marketing and Communications, and Payments Risk processes. However, with hiring of Mr. Dan Yoo her burden and workload have been redistributed with Yoo primarily handling Business and Data operations.

In his new role as Vice President of Business & Data, Dan’s top most priorities at the moment are improving customer support and helping the firm on its efforts to scale up their institutional platform aside from responsibilities in dealing with Business and Data operations. Prior to joining Coinbase, Mr. Yoo served as one of the directors for USA’s largest babysitting platform care.com for nearly 2 years. He has also served as Chief Operating Officer for US based cryptocurrency wallet services provider Nerd Wallet for more than three years and served as Vice President of Business Operations and Business Analytics at LinkedIn for nearly five years prior to his tenure at Nerd Wallet. He has also held several other notable high level managerial roles such as Senior VP of Corporate Development at Rhythm New Media, Chief Financial Officer at Parature, Co-Founder and VP at ReliaQuote, a partner at Stone Korean Kitchen and member of Policy owners Examining Committee at North-western Mutual POEC.

Yoo started his career in financial services industry while still pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Management and Finance at Georgetown University. He started as College Agent at Northwestern Mutual and went on to become an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch post completing his bachelor’s degree. It should also be noted that he is very familiar with his co-executive at Coinbase Ms. Emilie Choi given their joint tenure at LinkedIn where Ms. Choi was serving in role of VP and Head of Corporate Development handling the firm’s Merger and Acquisition operations and strategic investment deals. Commenting on his new role at the firm, Mr. Yoo stated, “With the hypergrowth at Coinbase, I hope to use my experience of scaling teams and getting them to work effectively together”. While Mr.Yoo comes to coinbase after having held several high level roles at various firms, Ms. Choi his superior joined the firm back in March of 2018 post resigning from her role at LinkedIn having served at the firm for nearly eight and half years. Ms. Choi joined coinbase last year in the role of VP of business and Data before being named as successor for Mr. Hirji.

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