Crossmint, Astar, and Hakuhodo KEY3: Pioneering Web3 in Japan

Collaboration between Crossmint, Astar, and Hakuhodo KEY3, aiming to elevate Japan’s digital scene through the introduction of Web3 technology. This initiative combines the expertise of industry leaders like Microsoft, Etihad Airways, Johnnie Walker, and AC Milan to redefine digital innovation in Japan.

In a significant move for Japan’s digital economy, Crossmint together with Astar and Hakuhodo KEY3, announces a strategic partnership to enhance Web3 adoption across the nation. With Crossmint at the forefront, known for its influential Web3 development platform utilized by global powerhouses including Microsoft, Etihad Airways, Johnnie Walker, and AC Milan, this expansion focuses on leveraging their technology for Japan’s leading corporations through the Astar blockchain.

This collaboration introduces Hakuhodo Key3, a new venture aimed at crafting Web3 solutions in partnership with Japan’s elite enterprises on the Astar blockchain. Following the recent launch of Astar zkEVM, which welcomed over 50 projects, Crossmint’s platform promises seamless integration with Astar, offering significant savings on development costs. Their tools are designed to streamline the Web3 experience, offering a simplified approach to digital ownership and interoperability.

By adopting Crossmint’s solutions, Japanese companies can integrate blockchain technologies effortlessly, enhancing user engagement through simplified sign-ups via email and purchases with credit cards. This approach not only democratizes access to digital assets but also aligns with the Japanese government’s vision for a thriving digital economy, highlighting the role of NFTs and stablecoins.

This venture represents a crucial step in nurturing Japan’s Web3 ecosystem, signaling a shift towards widespread digital innovation and adoption. Additionally, Crossmint is expanding its local team, seeking a dedicated Business Developer to lead its strategic efforts in Japan.

About Crossmint:

Crossmint stands as a leading infrastructure provider in the Web3 space, supporting over 30,000 companies and developers to streamline their interaction with NFTs. Visit for more information.

About Astar Network:

Astar Network serves as a bridge to Web3 for businesses in entertainment, gaming, and more, promoting global Web3 adoption. It offers customizable blockchain solutions through its unique cross-virtual machine technology. For further details, visit Astar’s official website and Twitter.

About Hakuhodo KEY3:

Established by Hakuhodo Inc. and Sota Watanabe of Startale Labs Japan, HAKUHODO KEY3 is dedicated to creating innovative Web3 services. Leveraging deep insights and creativity, it aims to foster a society more engaged with Web3.