COTI Teams Up with Civic for Enhanced Digital Identity Control

СOTI and Civic are teaming up to enhance digital identity security in Web3, aiming to provide users with more control over their digital selves through innovative technology.

COTI, recognized for its fast and secure privacy layer on Ethereum, is partnering with Civic, a notable name in Web3 identity management solutions. This collaboration aims to bolster data protection for Civic users by integrating COTI V2’s privacy technology into Civic’s decentralized identity (DID) services.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI, mentioned: “We’re excited to integrate COTI V2’s confidentiality layer into Civic’s platform. Civic is a key player in Web3 identity management, and we’re committed to working alongside such leaders. Our collaboration with Civic’s skilled team to develop Dynamic DID is something we look forward to.”

With COTI V2, Dynamic DIDs become part of Civic Pass, serving as both a verified credential and a unique, non-transferable token in the user’s wallet. This feature is designed to help meet regulatory needs, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) standards.

The digital identity of a user comprises their internet-spanning data, credentials, and identifiers. As digital activities increase, so does the importance of managing digital identities to prevent unauthorized access and use of personal data. COTI V2’s privacy layer is designed to keep data encrypted, allowing for safe verification and processing.

Civic shows its dedication to user safety with the introduction of a physical ID card for Civic Pass holders, aimed at reducing the risks of AI-driven identity fraud. The partnership is a step towards better protection of users’ online presence and credentials.

COTI and Civic are focused on ensuring users’ privacy as they navigate through Web3, offering a way to manage a sophisticated version of decentralized identity (DID) without exposing sensitive information. 

By using privacy-preserving technology like garbled circuits, COTI V2 introduces Dynamic DID, which supports confidential data sharing and intricate computations. Civic’s role spans the entire development cycle of COTI V2, highlighting the collaborative effort.

This partnership is a stride towards enabling users to manage their digital identities securely as the Web3 landscape expands. It aims to make storing sensitive information with Civic more secure, facilitating easier adherence to regulatory standards such as AML and KYC.