Cost Cutting Solutions For Brokerages

Brokers are spending increasingly more on marketing and improving trader experiences. For marketing, you need to ensure optimal online visibility, while to provide satisfying experiences, you need to offer the latest market research and analysis, newsletters and other resources. 

Maintaining an in-house team of content creators and analysts can be incredibly resource intensive. It could be even more expensive if you are targeting traders across regions. This means you need a way to offer multilingual content, which is neither simple to accomplish nor easy in terms of compliance.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to minimise costs while implementing all the above. The answer lies in automation of content creation and distribution. Here’s how.

Cutting Costs Through Automation

Technology has advanced to a level where it can help brokerages automate not just repetitive tasks but also complex ones, such as creating and distributing original, high-quality content. This is not just cheaper than hiring an entire team of analysts, it actually frees up human resources, which can then be better employed in growing your business.

Here are some of the activities you can automate to ensure engaging, relevant and original content and communication with both prospective and existing clients.

Website Content

Your website is the face of your brand. Updated, consistent and knowledgeable content builds trust and drives more traders to register on your platform. Your web content can be automated with content generation software, relieving your team of the responsibility and minimising costs associated with revamping web content.

Social Media Messaging

Did you know that an average individual spends about 147 minutes every day on social media? If you aren’t connecting with your target audience on social platforms, you might be missing out on significant opportunities for lead generation and conversion. Social media could also be an excellent way to keep existing clients engaged.

Autochartist’s social presence automation solution helps you generate and post unique content, integrated with your price data, in 7 languages. The content is informational, includes actionable trading opportunities, and redirects directly to your landing page to quickly trigger a new trade or get a client to register on the platform. You can automate accordingly to different time zones too.

Email Automation

Email marketing is possibly the most effective way to attract new traders and keep the conversation going with existing ones. So, schedule emails according to different time zones and languages to establish your global presence and round-the-clock availability. Autochartist’s core package contains a complete set of services to enable pre-scheduled and automated emails in over 30 languages.

Trade Set-up Analytic Reports

What does a trader need the most? An easy-to-use and feature-rich trading set-up. Autochartist provides APIs that can be directly integrated with any infrastructure to level up the trading set-up. The solutions are highly customisable to blend with your brand aesthetics. Tools like market forecasts, trading opportunity notifications, market overview reports, and SMS and push notifications can be leveraged to encourage trading.

All our APIs and automation solutions can be effortlessly integrated with your existing platform to offer traders a seamless trading experience. Contact us to learn how our solutions can help you cut operational costs while improving customer conversion and retention.