Com2uS Brings ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Summoner’s War’ Games to Oasys Network

Discover how Com2uS integrates ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Summoner’s War’ into the Oasys Network, enhancing the XPLA crypto gaming ecosystem with two major franchise games.


The XPLA crypto gaming ecosystem has expanded onto the Oasys chain through the new Com2uS layer-2 network, along with two notable franchise games.

Com2uS Group, a well-known South Korean game publisher, has officially joined the Oasys crypto gaming ecosystem by launching its own layer-2 chain called XPLA Verse, featuring two significant titles from popular franchises.

XPLA Verse now hosts Summoners War: Chronicles, an action role-playing game derived from the widely popular Summoners War: Sky Arena, which boasts over 220 million downloads. Additionally, it features The Walking Dead: All-Stars, based on the famous zombie comic book series.

Com2uS, recognized for its mobile gaming presence in South Korea, has been advancing its Web3 strategy and joined the Oasys ecosystem as an initial validator last year. In February, the company announced plans to integrate its existing XPLA crypto gaming ecosystem into Oasys, starting with these two prominent games.

“Com2uS and XPLA aim to leverage Oasys’ extensive knowledge of Japan’s regulatory framework to enhance their market presence and attract more East Asian users,” states an official announcement.

Oasys has attracted several major video game publishers and developers, including Ubisoft, which is developing its first original blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, set for release later this year. Sega has also integrated its IP into the network, while Bandai Namco launched an experimental AI-driven game last year.