Coinbase Prime taps FlexTrade to expand liquidity distribution

Broker-neutral technology firm FlexTrade Systems has announced a direct integration with Coinbase Prime, a leading institutional prime broker platform for digital and crypto assets.

Through this integration, FlexTrade clients gain direct access to one of the largest pools of liquidity for digital assets via FlexTRADER EMS and FlexONE OEMS. This access will enable them to improve their portfolio risk assessment, make more informed portfolio construction decisions, and ultimately enhance their portfolio return objectives.

The integration offers connectivity, consolidated depth of book, and the ability to place orders directly from within FlexTRADER and FlexONE.

FlexTrade’s multi-asset Execution and Order Management System (E/OMS) provides institutional-grade trading, compliance, and analytics for the full order lifecycle of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The integration with Coinbase Prime represents a major step in the development of FlexTrade’s digital asset offering and its capabilities in the crypto trading space.

Brian Foster, Global Head of Wholesale at Coinbase stated: “At Coinbase, we empower clients to execute complex digital asset trading strategies by offering access to some of the most liquid trading venues globally. We are excited to make this available to FlexTrade clients through the OEMS.”

Uday Chebrolu, Sr Vice President of FX and Digital Assets, added: ” We are delighted to integrate with Coinbase Prime into FlexTRADER and FlexONE. This integration brings deep liquidity to FlexTrade’s digital asset clients including access to Coinbase’s execution algorithms. This step marks our continued commitment to building a digital asset O/EMS addressing the needs of our multi-asset institutional clients across global markets.”

FlexTRADER’s functionality offers a customizable execution management system (EMS) with pre-defined trading strategies and tactics for portfolio and single stock trading across all asset classes. The product has recently incorporated an artificial intelligence-driven (AI) feature to transform the way trading teams engage with their data and trading technology solutions.

FlexONE is designed to streamline the trading requirements of global hedge funds, traditional asset managers and quantitative investment firms. A multi-asset platform handling equities, FX, options, futures and fixed income, the solution integrates disparate workflows into a single, centralized, intraday system that facilitates hi-performance throughput of orders, compliance checking, real-time P&L and position management.