Charting: Devexperts announces webinar/workshop for brokers, news, and academia

How important is charting in today’s trading scene? Are charts “only” the trader’s portal to the markets? 

The answer is no: in fact, market analysis goes hand in hand with a trader’s performance so it is now critical to create well-designed charts that offer more analysis techniques.

This is a great opportunity for brokers in stocks, Forex, and crypto, financial news websites, and trading schools to gain a competitive edge offering quality charting features to their traders, users, or students. To demonstrate it, Devexperts is scheduling a webinar on the importance and power of charting packages and widgets. You can register via this link in order to attend and ask your questions live or receive the recording 

Advanced charting package increases loyalty to brands

A feature-rich charting solution should not only cater to the needs of all traders, from novice to professionals (e.g. multiple chart types with synchronization), but also address the needs of firms eager to engage clients and increase their loyalty to the brand. 

Brokers, financial news websites, and trading schools can learn more about a modern charting solution and to what extent it has progressed in the upcoming webinar and workshop hosted by Ben Clark, Devexperts trading infrastructure guru. 

“How financial firms gain a competitive edge by providing charting to their traders” will cover the solution’s tools that enhance engagement and user loyalty and how it all works. 

Our charting solution – and a webinar dedicated to it – should be most useful to brokers and IBs, market news websites, data vendors, online trading schools, and investment academies. 

DXcharts under the spotlight

The charting solution offered by Devexperts, DXcharts, is mainly directed at Crypto/Web3 fintechs, financial news websites, and trading platforms. 

The mobile-friendly technology can be integrated in a single day and remains responsive and nimble even with thousands of candles, hundreds of drawings, and dozens of indicators, which was proven by performance and stability tests. 

Devexperts offers the charting widget at a very appealing price for startups (reach out to Devexperts to find out the terms) and ensures that it doesn’t add any external links or logos.

DXcharts library is said to combine the best practices from OTC and brokerage platforms, and it allows users to juggle the chart layouts as they wish, synchronizing them by instrument, chart type, timeframe and range, studies, and appearance.

The solution features instrument comparison, custom aggregations, chart events, various chart types, an extensive indicator library, and drawing tools. 

DXcharts has been chosen as the charting solution by many trading platforms, including Prime XBT,, Gedik Yatırım, DXfina, Işık Menkul, and more. 

Register for the webinar here