Celer Technologies Integrates Direct API From CMC Markets Connect

CMC MarketsCMC Markets Connect has announced an integration of its Direct API with the price distribution and order management platform of eFX trading solutions provider, Celer Technologies.

Launched in 2014, Celer Technologies provides modular-based solutions to the market supporting clients from their London, Hong Kong, and Toronto offices. Many banks, brokers, market makers, and ECNs are already using the Celer Technology platform. CMC Markets liquidity can be displayed individually and alongside that of the other LPs who currently integrate with Celer Technology. Counterparty brokers need to establish relationships with the individual liquidity providers they wish to use, then have the flexibility to sculpt how this pricing data is integrated with their own trading systems.

Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional at CMC Markets

Richard Elston, head of Institutional at CMC Markets, commented: “Celer Tech’s deployment of the Direct API feed allows our prices for almost 10,000 different instruments, covering a range of indices, commodities, FX pairs, treasuries and singe stock CFDs to be integrated with wider pools of liquidity for those clients who elect to use this service. We see this as being an increasingly popular solution for those customers who are seeking multi-asset exposure, but find themselves constrained by the FX-centric provision of other liquidity providers.”

Rob Wing of Celer Technologies, said: “CMC’s Direct API has integrated with our own technology stack in a seamless manner. Adding a high profile, multi-asset liquidity provider like this to our own infrastructure provides a real benefit for our clients who want to look beyond their core FX offering. As always we look forward to further growing our liquidity network in the future.”

CMC Markets is a leading online financial trading business based in the UK, serving both retail and institutional clients through regulated offices and branches in 13 countries across the world, including the UK, Australia, Germany, and Singapore. The broker enables clients to trade almost 10,000 financial instruments across shares, indices, foreign currencies, commodities and treasuries through contracts for difference (“CFDs”).

CMC Markets has been recently launching baskets of shares to facilitate a sector-based approach to trading. The addition of 17 share baskets of up to 50 stocks each also provides lower trading and holding costs versus individual equity CFDs, as well as giving broad exposure, mitigating risk of volatility in one stock.

The new baskets added are Cannabis, 5G, Big Tech, Cyber Security, Mobile Payments, Driverless Cars, Gaming, US Banks, Renewable Energy, China Tech, Streaming Media, Social Media, Software as a Service, Automation & Robotics, UK Banks, European Banks, and European Automobiles. Constituents in each basket are given a tiered weighting to avoid large price movements for conglomerates operating across multiple sectors from having a disproportionate influence on the basket.