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Buzz Dealer Enters Cyprus Market; Opens Additional Headquarters in Limassol

Another global digital marketing company has set foot in Limassol in the past few months. Buzz Dealer, the Israel-based digital public relations (digital PR) firm specializing in online reputation management (ORM) for the fintech sector, has announced the inauguration of its new offices in the Agios Tychonas area of Limassol, and that it will serve as an additional headquarters to the one in Tel Aviv, alongside strengthening customer relations with its European client base.

According to Uri Samet, the CEO of Buzz Dealer (who will personally be working from the Cyprus office), the location was chosen since Cyprus is “a homebase to many companies in the financial and fintech sphere.” The company sees this as “a strategic move to enhance client relationships and maintain its status as a leading service-provider for the sector,” added Samet.

Digital PR and the financial sector in 2023

While the financial sector as a whole has made a significant transition to the digital age, most companies still adhere to traditional marketing methods, including traditional PR. However, as of late, there is a broader understanding that businesses that handle people’s money should know how to maintain a solid public image, including a sustainable reputation, online as well.
“People often tend to make a wrong comparison between traditional and digital PR, ignoring the tools on one hand and the constraints on the other hand of the digital world,” explained Samet. “When we say ‘digital PR’, we are not only referring to the classical, ‘get your word out’ meaning of public relations, but also to the ability to conduct proper organic SEO – whether off-page or on-page. Add to that the fascinating world of ORM, including tailor-made content to not only get your message across but strengthen your image, and you’ll see why this is a whole new world. In other words, digital PR is certainly based on its traditional forefather, but takes it to a whole other level of professionalism and expertise. That’s what we aim to provide, in Cyprus and all around the world.”

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus map

While Buzz Dealer is mainly famous for its ORM and digital PR services, to the financial sector as well as other sectors, it also provides out-of-the-box solutions for digital marketing, performance marketing, SEO and app store optimization (ASO).

“With many of our valued clients based in Cyprus and operating from here, it was only natural for us to be present too. While in today’s technological environment boundaries of distance and language have already been broken, we feel that the physical proximity to our clients in Cyprus, alongside our ‘open door’ approach, can help take the partnerships we have created since our establishment a long way forward, as well as create new and exciting opportunities.”

Buzz Dealer has also stated in its announcement that, as part of this move, it is hiring local employees for several marketing and client-service related positions. Buzz Dealer employs a team of skilled professionals, with decades of accumulated experience in ORM, SEO and other digital PR related fields.