Bitrue Announces Listing of Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮) for Enhanced Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitrue, a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018, has expanded its offerings by announcing the listing of Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮).

Tether Operations Limited, the company responsible for Tether, the widely-used stablecoin, has partnered with Bitrue to introduce stablecoins backed by real-world assets to Bitrue’s portfolio of over 700 cryptocurrencies.

Bitrue, known for its services including spot trading, futures, OTC, staking, auto-invest, and copy trading, has gained recognition in the crypto exchange landscape, particularly for its performance in XRP trading.

Starting immediately, Bitrue users can access XAU₮, a stablecoin representing physical gold ownership, allowing for portfolio diversification and the benefits of gold’s stability. Additionally, Bitrue customers can trade EUR₮, a Euro-pegged stablecoin, on the crypto derivative exchange.

The listing of Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮) on Bitrue signifies a milestone for both Tether and Bitrue, demonstrating their commitment to providing solutions that meet the demands of the crypto community.

Anchit Goel, Director of Partnerships and BD at Bitrue, shared their enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “As a leading CEX, Bitrue is dedicated to providing our users access to a wide range of digital assets and innovative features. The listing of EUR₮ and XAU₮ reaffirms this commitment of ours. We are pleased to partner with Tether and offer these stablecoin options to our global users.”

Bitrue users can now engage in trading with Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮), stablecoins backed by real-world assets. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Bitrue remains committed to providing users with diverse investment options and a seamless trading experience.

Tether Operations Limited (Tether) operates, the platform behind the widely-used stablecoin. Tether is known for its commitment to transparency and stability, serving as a bridge between traditional finance and the digital asset space.

Founded in 2018, Bitrue has become a significant cryptocurrency exchange, offering access to over 700 cryptocurrencies. With a focus on user experience and a range of services, Bitrue has established itself as a global exchange, particularly in XRP trading.

The collaboration between Bitrue and Tether highlights the importance of stablecoins backed by tangible assets in the cryptocurrency landscape. As both entities adapt and innovate, Bitrue users can anticipate a more diversified trading experience in the cryptocurrency market.