Binance unveils trading upgrades guided by user feedback

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has implemented a series of updates to its platform, focusing on user experience improvements. The crypto giant has validated and incorporated 649 of these ideas into its service offerings in response to thousands of product suggestions received through its feedback channel.

The updates, which were rolled out in September and October 2023, are part of Binance’s ongoing efforts to refine its platform based on user input. The primary focus of these upgrades is to streamline navigation, improve information presentation, and ensure a more accessible and user-friendly interface.

According to a corporate statement, key updates include a redesigned main dashboard, providing users with a comprehensive view of their account information in one place. The Binance Futures Leaderboard has also been upgraded to version 5.0, offering additional features for easier customization, performance tracking, and order execution.

Other highlights show the improved trading bots, which now feature more detailed analysis, margin control options, and candlestick chart displays, assisting users in making informed trading decisions.

For copy traders, Binance has refined the funding fee history feature. Traders can now directly access their funding fees on the Copy Trading overview page, offering a more complete summary of their copy trading accounts.

The futures trading experience on Binance has also seen improvements. Two new graphs have been added to help users with their profit and loss analysis. The Asset Summary graph displays a pie chart of the user’s holdings, while the Asset Growth graph shows the balance over time in a line chart. Additionally, the platform now supports Good-till-Date (GTD) orders, allowing users to set expiration dates and times for their orders.

Binance’s Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) commented: “Although we’ve grown a lot from our early days, I’ve never looked at Binance as a finished product. We’re continuously refining our suite of features and products based on our observations of where we see the industry might be going, and based on [users’] experiences and needs as well. Our philosophy of user-driven innovation and change is what propels us and our industry forward.”

Looking ahead, Binance plans to continue rolling out new and improved features for its users. For the latest updates, users are encouraged to follow Binance’s official social channels and check out the monthly recaps on the Binance Blog.