Binance Broadens Its VIP Invitation Program for Traditional Asset Traders

Step Into the Future of Trading: Binance Invites Traditional Asset Traders to Join Its Exclusive VIP Program

In an innovative step forward, Binance has expanded its VIP Invitation Program to welcome traders from both the cryptocurrency and traditional asset markets. This initiative allows new users to combine their trading volumes from up to two external trading platforms to qualify for the exclusive benefits of Binance’s VIP status.

A Pioneering Move for High-Volume Traders

For the first time in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, Binance‘s updated VIP Invitation Program caters specifically to traders of traditional assets. Participants with a 30-day combined trading volume in cryptocurrencies and/or traditional assets that meets the Binance VIP Program’s criteria are eligible for an immediate upgrade. This upgrade advances them to a VIP level beyond their current status based on external trading volumes, effective for two months, with potential for further advancements and perks upon fulfilling certain conditions.

Privileges Offered to VIP Members

The Binance VIP Program is tailored to enhance the trading journey for its high-volume participants, offering a range of exclusive benefits. These include competitive fee discounts, custom trading solutions, flexible configurations, and access to select private industry events and initiatives.

Support for VIP members is provided by a dedicated team of professionals experienced in both the crypto and traditional finance sectors, ensuring personalized service and expert guidance.

A Commitment to Bridging Digital and Traditional Markets

Catherine Chen, Head of Binance VIP & Institutional, stated, “As cryptocurrencies continue to gain acceptance, we are committed to bringing the best-in-class experience for high-volume and sophisticated users. The successful listing of bitcoin spot ETFs and their inflows not only demonstrates that there is clear market demand for cryptocurrencies, it also shows any gap between traditional and digital assets is closing. Our global VIP and Institutional team made up of TradFi and crypto specialists have expertise catering to the needs of VIP users and delivering white-glove and end-to-end service. In our latest VIP Invitation program expansion, we aim to help high-volume users of traditional assets platforms reduce their entry barriers to cryptocurrencies.”

Innovations for Institutional Investors

Highlighting its role as an industry innovator, Binance last November introduced a banking triparty arrangement tailored for institutional investors. This strategic move offers a risk management solution that aligns with traditional financial market practices, facilitating a safer and more scalable approach to crypto-asset investment.

The enhancement of the VIP Invitation Program is a testament to Binance’s ongoing effort to smooth the transition for institutional and high-volume investors from traditional markets to the realm of digital assets.

Join the Program

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