Barclays Enhances Institutional FX Platform

Barclays has launched a suite of new products that further enhances its electronic trading platform, BARX, which addresses the needs of corporate and institutional clients.

Customers can leverage BARX Book for FX, Barclays’ principal liquidity solution, to access unique principal liquidity streams, as well as an increased number of external liquidity providers.

Gator Adapt was added to the suite of algorithms to help clients manage the trade-off between arrival price slippage and execution price risk and clients have the flexibility to choose an execution-style that is intended to minimize the market impact for a given level of risk.

BARX Direct, another addition to BARX FX, is the platform’s improved low latency solution, using innovative pricing models, predictive analytics, and an optimized co-location strategy.

Naseer Al-Khudairi, Global Head of Markets Electronic Trading and Digital Strategy at Barclays, said: “We continue to execute our ambitious expansion efforts in electronic trading to enhance our global offering and bring our clients world-class efficiencies. These new BARX FX developments are the latest in a stream of enhancements to our BARX platform and we look forward to harnessing the momentum in our business as we continue to invest across all of our e-trading solutions.”

BARX enables clients to optimize execution performance by accessing deep pools of liquidity across equities, fixed income, futures, and FX.