Banxso taps Trading Central’s signals while in crisis management in South Africa

Banxso has recently formed a strategic partnership with Trading Central to integrate its live trading signals into the FX and CFD broker’s platform.

Making institutional-grade research accessible to retail investors, enabling them to make informed, timely decisions with the help of actionable insights, is part of Banxso’s mission in the retail brokerage segment.

This partnership comes on the heels of Banxso’s successful acquisition of licenses in Australia, Mauritius, and Vanuatu, marking a significant expansion in their global operations. These licenses are pivotal in Banxso’s strategy to broaden its reach and provide comprehensive financial products and services across various regions.

Trading Central promises to deliver timely, educated decisions, quality data, transparent analysis, and an enhanced user experience through a modern, intuitive interface. The live trading signals platform is a popular choice for brokers seeking to enhance its users experience. Last month, Firstrade selected Trading Central for the same reason.

Trading Central offers 24H multi-asset global coverage

Trading Central has been supporting investment decisions through the world’s most admired brokerage and wealth tech brands since 1999. As a one-stop shop for quality financial research, the firm offers a diverse analytical scope, a unique fusion of AI and analyst expertise, and 24H multi-asset global coverage all rolled into beautiful user interfaces.

  • Technical Insight uses best practices of Technical Analysis to identify trends, patterns, and historical price changes. Clients can gain valuable insights swiftly by examining each stock’s performance in just a brief moment.
  • Market & News (Market Buzz) enhances news interaction, utilizing AI to amalgamate updates from diverse sources and applying advanced sentiment analysis, providing traders with a comprehensive and interactive news experience, delivering in-depth market sentiment insights through Sentiment Scores, Signals, and Confidence Indexes, facilitating more informed and strategic investment decisions.
  • Strategy Builder empowers investors to conduct research, define criteria, and apply filters to identify strategies that are well-suited for selecting investments. Now, Firstrade investors can filter through a universe of stocks using over 65 different factors, including fundamental, technical, and quantitative criteria.
  • Calendar (Economic Insight) offers investors a streamlined view of important economic events, presented through simple charts and a personalized calendar. This enables investors to monitor, anticipate, and act on market movements efficiently.

Banxso in crisis management in South Africa

Banxso has recently faced criticism in South Africa due to a deepfake ad scam that channeled victims to the FX broker’s platform, without the firm’s knowledge these users were being wronged. After millions of rands being lost, Banxso promised compensation to investors.

In response to this incident, Banxso gave an interview to Chris Steyn from BizNews, which addressed the issue. In an enlightening interview, Lara Huges-Thom, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of Banxso South Africa (Banxso PTY), discussed Banxso’s response to this crisis was multi-faceted, indicating both the challenges and the necessary steps needed to combat such digital deceit.

The interview also touched on the broader implications of such scams for the trading industry and the regulatory landscape. Banxso called for a collective effort among industry players, regulatory bodies, and technology providers to develop more effective mechanisms to detect and prevent the dissemination of deepfake content and other forms of misleading digital advertising.