Backed Introduces Innovative Tokenization Services for Financial Institutions

Backed’s innovative tokenization platform, tailored for financial institutions. Dive into a world where digital and traditional finance merge, offering a secure, efficient, and compliance-focused solution for tokenizing assets.

Backed, a pioneer in tokenizing real-world assets, has unveiled its advanced suite of services designed to meet the specific needs of financial institutions looking to tokenize assets. With a focus on security, efficiency, and compliance, Backed is poised to revolutionize how institutions engage with digital assets.

Adam Levi, co-founder of Backed, emphasizes the unique approach of the platform: “Many existing tokenization solutions heavily focus on technology alone, neglecting the critical aspects of compliance and trust. Having already launched tokenized products, we’ve seen a growing demand from institutions to tokenize their offerings. Our deep understanding of the institutional challenges in digital asset integration positions us ideally to guide them through the entire process. Our aim is to seamlessly connect traditional finance (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi), offering a flexible and secure platform that simplifies the tokenization process and leverages blockchain’s full capabilities.”

Backed’s Tokenization Services Include:

  • Tokenized Trackers: Offering the ability to issue bespoke on-chain trackers for public securities or thematic investment baskets, Backed simplifies the token issuance process, making assets ready for blockchain and DeFi integration swiftly.
  • Tokenized Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs): By representing investment strategies on the blockchain, these tokens ensure streamlined settlements and clear ownership verification, presenting an innovative approach to asset management.
  • Comprehensive Tokenization Platform: Backed delivers a full-scale platform solution catering to funds and financial institutions, enabling the creation, management, and distribution of tokenized investment products efficiently.

Tokenization is increasingly recognized as a transformative force in the global economy. Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, has notably stated that tokenization of financial assets represents a significant future step, envisioning a future where stocks and bonds are universally tokenized, enhancing transactional efficiency and transparency, and broadening market access globally. A collaborative report by FinPlanet, Cashlink, and Porsche Consulting projects that tokenization could significantly reduce traditional financial transaction costs by up to 85%.

About Backed

Based in Switzerland, Backed is at the forefront of bringing real-world assets to the blockchain. The company issues tokens that are fully collateralized by real-world assets, such as stocks or ETFs, in accordance with the Swiss DLT Act, offering a compliant tokenization service to institutional clients. By bridging traditional and decentralized finance, Backed aims to facilitate a smoother transition for institutions entering the digital asset space.

The content provided is for informational purposes only and does not serve as an offer to buy or sell tokens or securities. The tokenization services mentioned are intended for legally qualified entities that adhere to relevant laws and regulations and are not available in jurisdictions where such services are restricted. Backed does not hold a registration as a broker-dealer, investment advisor, or financial services provider and does not offer investment, legal, tax, or accounting advice.