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Decentralised Bank BABB Hires Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou as New COO


Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou has joined BABB – a UK-based decentralised bank as its new Chief Operating Officer. Prior to BABB, Zamboglou was Chief Operating Officer at ICON Capital Reserve – a UK-based Fintech Company which focuses on synergizing the value of gold with blockchain technology. BABB has announced that their intention is to create a “bank for everyone” and “world bank for the micro economy”. BABB has developed its banking infrastructure and services using blockchain based regulatory mechanisms and has raised around 20,000 Ether (initially valued at USD 20m) in capital and is working actively to relay financial services into hands of individuals and businesses worldwide. BABB has stated that it will use biometrics including facial and voice recognition to provide individuals with secure banking services while facilitating organisations to engage in frictionless trade aided by the firm’s financial product offerings.

According to reports published by finance magnates website, Demetrios is expected to play a major role in the company’s broader market strategy and in his new role as Chief Operating Officer will focus entirely on structuring the firm’s market operations and delivering BABB’s operational strategy. Demetrios’s forward-looking operational philosophy is very similar to BABB’s Founder and CEO Rushd Averroes making him an ideal candidate for his role as BABB given the responsibilities and scope of work that comes along with the position of COO. Demetrios holds a PhD in Behavioral Finance from King’s College located in London and over 13 years of firsthand experience from working in various fields in financial sector such as Fintech start-ups, brokers and top-tier investment firms having held various positions of managerial capacity making him an expert in Forex, cryptocurrencies and blockchain based technology and markets. In his new role as COO, Demetrios is expected to help the firm on creating new profit centres using the knowledge gained from his vast experience and understating of exchanges, brokers and investment firms.

He will also oversee the launch of their purpose built user-focused applications and also help in the development of functionality required to allow up-scaling the app to support millions of users. When speaking about his new role as COO at BABB, Demetrios commented that joining BABB was a no brainer and stated “This is the first time in my life that I am able to make a significant contribution to society, so I am honored by the opportunity to work with BABB and the chance to fulfill the potential made possible by blockchain technology”. Speaking about the appointment of Demetrios as COO, Rushd Averroes, CEO of BABB commented, “I am very pleased to have Dr Zamboglou as part of the Babb team. We have big ambitions to make a global impact on the financial market, and Dr. Zamboglou’s background and experience embody the kind of people that we seek to have in order to drive our activities forward”.

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