B2Broker Spends $5 Million to Deliver the Next-Gen Brokerage Platform, B2Trader

B2Broker is a leading liquidity and technology solution provider known for supplying brokerage firms with solid trading and payment tools, which boost investment operations and shorten the time-to-market.

B2Broker Group

This time, the group introduces a new innovation—B2Trader—dedicated to brokerage and exchange platforms, spurring the growing trends in crypto trading and the rapid changes in decentralised markets.

B2Trader Brokerage Platform is a spot trading tool that extends the offerings of brokers by adding cryptocurrency spot trading to their service packages.

Additionally, BBP increases the functionality of liquidity providers, banks, EMIs, and payment system providers by facilitating crypto holdings and transactions, responding to the growing tendency to buy and store cryptocurrencies, especially the fastest-growing ones.

Let’s examine the details of this spot trading tool and how trading platforms can benefit from using B2Trader.

How to Use B2Trader

B2Trader can be added as a separate tool for established brokers and trading platforms willing to expand their offerings and start offering spot crypto exchanges using over 3,000 crypto instruments and pairs across multiple blockchains and networks. 

Additionally, newly created businesses can use the B2Trader Brokerage Platform as a white-label solution to quickly enter the market and launch a crypto spot trading software in one week!

BBP utility extends to crypto brokers (CFD and Derivatives), OTC brokers, FOREX brokers, multi-asset and multi-market brokers, market makers, liquidity providers, payment systems, and even banks. Let’s explore B2Trader’s main use cases.

FOREX Brokers

B2Trader can be an excellent addition to any FX broker. Along with the traditional trading platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader, etc.) that mainly handle assets like FX, crypto, equity indices, and precious metals for margin trading or in the form of CFDs, you can add B2Trader to offer crypto spot trading exclusively, attract a new segment of crypto traders interested in physical delivery or ownership, and generate revenue through commissions, markups, and effective risk management.

Additionally, BBP offers a solution for regulated FX brokers to separate their digital asset trading under a different license, promoting strategic diversification and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Crypto Brokers

Brokers focusing on crypto CFDs, using crypto as collateral, and offering a mix of FX and crypto CFDs can use B2Trader to enhance existing solutions with crypto spot trading. 

Given the competitive nature of client retention and acquisition, the absence of crypto spot trading options could lead clients to seek services elsewhere. Thus, integrating B2Trader is a strategic advantage for brokerages, allowing them to adapt to market trends swiftly, offer much-demanded crypto spot trading, and meet client expectations.

Market Makers

Market makers can use B2Trader to access multiple exchanges, consolidate liquidity efficiently, achieve competitive spreads, optimise pricing, and enable smart routing execution across different venues.

Liquidity Providers

Adding cryptocurrencies to your asset offerings greatly boosts your appeal to brokers, hedge funds and professional traders. B2Trader streamlines this process, equipping you with the essential tools to expand your market reach and accelerate your earnings.

EMIs, Payment Systems, and Banks

For EMIs, PSPs, and banks, B2Trader provides a strategic edge by enabling diverse asset management, monitoring, and liquidity pool creation. It allows these entities to add crypto services to their existing operations, net all transactions, offer crypto accounts, and enable instant swaps.

Robust Technology That Goes Above & Beyond

B2Broker Group

B2Broker Group has invested heavily in this project, as indicated by the CEO: “We poured 18 months of hard work and $5 million into B2Trader. BBP is built by our dedicated in-house team of 40 engineers, each contributing to a solution that truly meets the demands of today’s brokers.”.

The result is a spot trading tool that is capable of processing 3,000 requests per second with real-time market updates per 100 milliseconds. This resonates with the fast-changing nature of this market, where prices fluctuate second-by-second.

A Look at The Backend Infrastructure

The tool is developed using a wide range of integrations and frameworks that optimise its performance and delivery, enabling it to execute orders with a minimum delay starting from 1 ms.

However, if we look at the data structure and hosting environment of B2Trader, it is perfectly aligned with industrial top-notch standards, involving the best frameworks and programs such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Redshift, Mongo DB, CloudFlare, FIX API, Kubernetes and many more.

B2Broker Group

Addressing Interoperability and Scalability Issues

B2Trader is compatible with most brokerage-specific software and programs, such as CRMs, blockchain wallets, payment gateways, back-office management, Trader’s Room, automation systems and other applications that elevate customer experience and improve the platform performance.

Noticeably, integrated with Marksman, a crypto liquidity distribution engine, B2Trader streamlines administration and ensures market updates with the latest data. With Marksman, crypto brokers swiftly link to top exchanges by inputting API credentials after opening an account. This allows brokers to create diverse liquidity pools from various exchanges, assign specific execution and routing rules, and establish failover protocols for both the pairs and the liquidity pools. 

B2Broker Group

Final Remarks

B2Trader benefits from the great experience and market position of its founding group. “B2Broker has earned multiple awards and recognitions, and our years of experience have allowed us to understand what the market needs exactly. That’s why we created B2Trader. It’s our answer to the changing trends in finance.” says B2Broker CEO.

Adding a ready-to-use crypto spot trading platform is a remarkable achievement and a great way for brokers to benefit from the crypto market and offer opportunities to their existing and potential investors, tapping into new ways to expand their investment portfolio and grow their profits.