B2Broker Launches Upgraded Version of Trader’s Room – B2Core

B2Broker - B2CoreB2Broker, a leading player among liquidity and trade technologies service providers for forex and cryptocurrency markets recently revealed the launch of an upgraded product service package. As per statement released by the firm, the new product package dubbed – B2Core is a brand new pack based trader’s room service. This new product package explained in simplest of terms is a major upgrade to its existing client cabinet solution which has taken into consideration demands from its clients and forecasted scenarios to meet today’s global market business needs. However, it should be noted that given the overhaul taken place in development of this new product service, the resultant entity can be viewed as a completely new feature packed service in form of a basic all in one solution to suit all possible needs faced by businesses in today’s market.

This new product package has a wide range of customizable features which provides users with a means to particularly opt for features that suits their needs and requirements. The features of new product package are:

  • All New Client Cabinet Concept
  • Unique Package Based Solution
  • Dynamic Advanced UI Layout
  • Advanced Anti-Fraud System
  • Sum-Sub WebSDK & Multi-Platform Integration
  • Ticket System For Customer Service
  • Detailed Meta Trader Analytics
  • Option to White List Withdrawal Address

The new client cabinet concept is a solution which has managed to combine all aspects of existing traders room, client area and existing SaaS solution currently found in market into an innovative bespoke service for clients where a Client gains to ability to completely customize the unit to suit each individual business’s needs.  The newly created package has standard and advanced plan both of which come considerably feature-packed, so that a client can choose one that best fits their requirement in a budget-friendly manner. The product package doesn’t only contain the usual features such as back office, front end, identity verification & validation and payment solutions which are usually found in similar tools but also come with modules to accommodate operations and services pertaining to bonuses, IB Room & converter and feature to integrate with large range of trading platforms such as B2 Trader, Meta Trader – 4&5, CTrader, dxTrade, AlphaPoint, One Zero & Prime XM.

The advanced UI layout feature can be considered as one of the best in market front-end layout which allows the end user to fully customize their workspace individually in order to ensure maximum efficiency of their trading performance while gaining complete customer satisfaction. Some of the new features in the UI include –

  • Facility to create multiple workspaces so that traders can use separate areas for different trading purposes simultaneously.
  • Market Depth which provides users with data on market’s capability to sustain relatively large market orders without creating major impact on price of asset in question.
  • Feature in order book which allows grouping of volumes to provide users with a higher than normal ability to analyze depth of available liquidity in the platform.
  • Watch list widget for each separate workspace available in trading UI which can display current price, volume & 24-hr high/low price of selected pairs in single window.

Overall this trading UI is one which is capable of fulfilling all of demand of professional traders who frequently use such features to monitor large amounts of information under single window.

The inbuilt Advanced Anti-Fraud system is an automated process with security alert option which regularly monitors activities to prevent money laundering and trading cheating procedures while the ticket system sees integration of product package with Support Pal which facilitates clients to offer a ticket based customer support service inside the B2Core platform itself. The Withdrawal White list Function is an added feature which comes as boost to Anti-Fraud system and allows end users to specifically choose their desired trusted wallets for withdrawal function and was created in conjunction with 2FA Google authenticator to better improve security during the fund withdrawal process. Overall, it is a must-have solution for any and firms in FX/Crypto sector given its capability to handle most client facing operations for every type of financial business regardless of complexity well in contrast to current client cabinet solutions which are used in the market which sees a one size-fit all approach and is hence guaranteed to gains its clients with improved satisfaction from its end users.