B2BinPay v19 Introduces Swaps and Adds Avalanche and Polygon Blockchains

B2BinPay brings a range of new updates with the V19 release. This latest launch offers new features with a particular focus on innovative swaps and the inclusion of additional blockchain support. Let us look at the updates in more detail.

Instant Swaps with the Fair Pricing

Unlike conventional exchanges, swaps provide direct and immediate transactions between different crypto assets. This factor has made swaps a prevalent method for crypto asset management.

Bearing swap benefits in mind, B2BinPay has implemented the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) system. This system picks the best price from various centralised exchanges based on the transaction volume. 

With this mechanism, B2BinPay’s clients can get the best prices for their swaps without putting any effort since the system will search and compare prices and offer the most favourable one to the client.

Another significant benefit of the swaps is removing two blockchain commission costs for the client: the transaction to the centralised exchange and the transaction from the exchange to the B2BinPay wallet. This adds to greater flexibility and affordability in managing virtual assets.

Access to the Swaps section is easy through the dedicated tab on the front-end menu.

Zero Commission for Top-Ups

In v19, swap wallet top-ups are tailored to different user types, offering instant transactions for digital wallets and on-chain transactions for blockchain wallet owners (all top-ups must be made in the wallet’s currency).

Users can enjoy zero commission when topping up swap wallets from B2BinPay accounts; however, blockchain wallets will incur a commission for on-chain transactions.

Expanded Blockchain Support

The V19 offers a broader range of blockchains, adding support for Polygon and Avalanche. Thanks to their outstanding features, these two blockchains are widely used in the crypto realm. Particularly, Polygon offers low transaction fees and scalability options, while Avalanche is famous for its high throughput and quick processing time.

Now, B2BinPay users can transact stablecoins like  USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, TUSD, and EUROC on Polygon and Avalanche chains and enjoy seamless, fast, and cheap transactions. 

Final Takeaway

B2BinPay is known for its commitment to adapting to the needs of its community and industry.

Version 19 offers clients more flexibility in settling in their chosen currency using digital wallets, accessing various blockchains and cryptocurrencies through blockchain wallets, and making instant exchanges with swap wallets. This makes B2BinPay a perfect solution for crypto processing. 

The company is also working on reducing fees to make its blockchain services more accessible, so stay up to date with B2BinPay, the best is yet to come!


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