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Avelacom Strengthens Hold over Asian Market with Launch of POP in Thailand Stock Exchange

Avelacom -strengthens-hold-asian-marketAvelacom – used based multi-national IT infrastructure solutions provider for the financial sector continues its endeavor to strengthen its hold over Asian market. Avelacom is widely known for its network services via which it facilitates major financial firms to gain high-speed low latency connectivity for their trading activities in over 20+ international venues across the globe. In their bid to increase their hold over Asia-Pacific region the company continues to establish point of presence (POP) across major Asian markets. Following the launch of their point of presence in Equinix Tokyo’s International Business Exchange data center, they have now announced the launch of new point of presence (POP) at the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s data center facility.

The press release states that the launch of new POP in Thailand will enable sell-side & buy-side firms, interdealer brokers and market data vendors to gain access to Thailand’s financial market with reduced latency and direct connectivity options. Avelacom has stated that the roundtrip latencies to Bangkok from one of the most popular trading venues via Avelacom’s network are:

    • SET <> Singapore (SGX) – 26 ms
    • SET <> Hong Kong (HKEX) – 39 ms

Avelacom stated that the growing interest in the Asian market from major global players in key markets and the arbitrage opportunities for equity derivative products between set and other major exchanges from in emerging Asian markets as the main driving force behind the launch of POP in Thailand.

Aleksey Larichev, Avelacom M.D.
Aleksey Larichev, Avelacom M.D.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom stated “Avelacom’s network has always been intended to serve latency sensitive clients by working with international institutions, accessing emerging markets, particularly on Asian trading venues. A POP in Thailand further enhances our Asian presence and provides our clients with low-latency access to yet another growth market. We hope this will bring more global clients to SET and positively influence the exchange trading volumes.” when speaking about the launch of POP in SET, Thailand. With the launch of POP in Tokyo creating an ultra-low latency network between two major markets – London and Tokyo and POP from Thailand connecting another major hub Singapore to their network, the company’s business is likely to see fast growth on increasing business demands from emerging markets for their low latency products.

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