Astar zkEVM Integrates with Polygon’s AggLayer as First Layer-2 Solution

Astar Network proudly unveils the Astar zkEVM, its latest zero-knowledge Layer-2 blockchain, utilizing the Polygon CDK to bridge the gap in blockchain technology both in Japan and globally. Astar is committed to connecting businesses, developers, and the community to the burgeoning world of web3.

A Unified Chain Experience with AggLayer Integration

As the initial chain to seamlessly integrate with the AggLayer, Astar zkEVM aims to foster the growth and interoperability of decentralized applications. This integration positions Astar as a frontrunner in merging state and liquidity, facilitating cross-chain transactions with Polygon zkEVM and offering users a unified chain experience, showcasing an innovative approach to blending the advantages of both monolithic and modular blockchain frameworks.

Redefining Web3 User Experience with Astar zkEVM

Astar zkEVM redefines the web3 user experience by offering unified liquidity, a connected community, and instant transactions, marking a significant step in Astar’s mission to create a fairer web. It promises a vast pool of resources and seamless cross-chain interactions, enabling Astar zkEVM to extend its reach without users feeling network switches.

“Today marks a significant milestone in welcoming communities to a fluid multi-chain ecosystem. With Astar’s integration and more ZK chains to follow, the Polygon CDK and AggLayer are set to introduce internet-scale capabilities to crypto,” stated Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founder.

Following a successful test phase with significant contract deployments and transactions, Astar’s mainnet launch signals growing interest, highlighted by collaborations with Deloitte and the introduction of innovative platforms like PACKS for real-world asset trading.

Empowering Japanese Enterprises with Layer-2 Blockchain

The launch presents a prime opportunity for Japanese entities to leverage a trusted Layer-2 blockchain, evidenced by pioneering projects like KOKYO NFT by Hakuhodo Inc. and Japan Airlines, aiming to enhance connections between Japanese tourism and global travelers through NFTs.

“Our role in the AggLayer and ongoing development reaffirms Astar zkEVM as a leader in Japan’s web3 innovation, setting the stage for significant growth across various sectors,” commented Sota Watanabe, Astar Network’s founder.

Ahead of the mainnet launch, Astar introduced new tokenomics aimed at long-term ecosystem sustainability, preparing to support developers with leading web3 services like LayerZero, The Graph, and Pyth.

Launching the Next Web3 Adoption Wave with Yoki Origins

With its advanced infrastructure powered by AggLayer and Polygon CDK, Astar zkEVM is ready to spearhead the next mass adoption phase with the Yoki Origins campaign, inviting enthusiasts to explore unique Yoki characters, fostering a community of artists and innovators.

Astar Network stands as the gateway to web3 for enterprises, entertainment, and gaming sectors worldwide, leveraging cross-virtual machine technology to fast-track global web3 adoption. It offers a Layer-2 scaling solution with zk-powered Ethereum technology, connecting the world to web3.

Polygon Labs crafts Ethereum scaling solutions, developing an array of protocols to facilitate scalable, affordable, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3, aiming for a carbon-negative future.