Ardu Prime: a Success Story with a Guarantee for the Future

Who is it, who is it for, and how does the award-winning brokerage firm innovate?

Ardu Prime is a financial broker with more than 20 years of experience in the field of investment services, as it was founded in 1999. It is supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, participates in the Greek Investments Guarantee Fund, and fully complies with the European MiFID II Legislation.   Since 2018 the company has focused on Forex & CFD products and has entered into partnerships with international companies in the wider financial sector and financial technology companies, being a unique “one-stop-shop brokerage” for its clients.

In 2020, it consolidated its high-value customer base and invested in developing the technology. From 2020 until today, moving forward with new partnerships, it acquired the license to use the multi-awarded MetaTrader 5 platform and expanded its activities in “Retail – Forex”, making its services accessible to Private Clients as well.

Ardu Prime, being a pioneer at the beginning of 2022, introduced another innovation, integrating cryptocurrency services into the extensive range of investment products and services it provides. With foresight and following the world market trends, it has completed its registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) with the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. That means Ardu Prime can provide, through its platform, exchange services of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies among themselves and custody services for cryptocurrencies.

Also, in October 2022, it announced sponsorship as a Premium Partner of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7Days EuroCup to seal its success in Europe alongside these established and recognized pan-European sports organizations.

Over all these years, Ardu Prime has accumulated a wide client base consisting of investment companies, high net-worth individuals, and partnerships with Hedge Funds, Wealth Management Firms and Family Offices. Ardu Prime did not stop there. It caters to every private investor and trader interested in working with a reliable company that operates under strict European Supervision. Moreover, it allows clients who wish to gain access to a plethora of investment products using the best trading platform to receive personalized service and enjoy privileges that are usually exclusive to professional investors.

It focuses on providing customers with high-standard services so they can enjoy their transactions in a reliable and serious environment. Ardu Prime customers enjoy unlimited access to a wide range of investment products and assistance from artificial intelligence (AI) tools that translate years of experience into immediately exploitable trading ideas.


DLA is an account available through Ardu Prime and stands for “Direct Liquidity Access”. It is created for traders who are interested in gaining access to the markets through Ardu Prime but without using the Ardu Prime software – i.e., instead of using the MetaTrader 5 retail platform, the customer uses any other software they are familiar with. This software can be third-party or even custom-made by the clients themselves. Many Ardu Prime clients use this feature to connect with technology providers that offer algorithmic trading systems.

This makes Ardu Prime an ideal broker that offers “tailor-made” liquidity based on the software of the technology providers so that these algorithmic systems can perform to the maximum capacity, in a safe and reliable trading environment, with optimal execution.

This way, Ardu Prime offers a very high-tech market access model that is compatible with various technology solutions for sophisticated investors. For this reason, it is chosen by many investors of this type and professional investors to connect to the market through algorithmic trading systems.

Technically, Ardu Prime acts as a conduit for these systems in the markets and ensures that the conditions under which these systems operate are ideal and in the client’s interest. Respectively, clients can check their accounts easily and, at any moment, have immediate access to their funds and enjoy the security of a European, ESMA and HCMC-supervised organization. Additionally, thanks to Ardu Prime’s registration as a VASP, its clients can deposit and hold balances in cryptocurrencies while benefiting from “traditional” investment services, combined with the benefits of using algorithmic systems technology. All that is in a simple, flexible, and streamlined process.

The features and capabilities of the DLA setup are countless, with examples of clients using third-party technology to execute trades, professional investors accessing the market and connecting their platforms, or even other brokerages that can, through DLA setup, gain access to more markets, and provide their customers with a wider range of products, and better execution.

Ardu Prime has thus created a unique trading ecosystem by combining high-end technology with optimal order execution.

Accordingly, cooperation with technology providers that offer algorithmic systems to everyone marks the opening of a market that was previously only accessible to a small number of institutional investors, while now, essentially any investor that works with a corresponding provider can use superior systems and technologies that were previously unavailable to the general public.