Apple’s launch of Vision Pro opens new opportunities for metaverse crypto businesses

Apple’s Vision Pro, set for a February 2nd pre-order, isn’t just a tech marvel—it’s a metaverse game-changer. Aiming to transform spatial computing, it beckons not just Apple loyalists but also blockchain innovators and tech enthusiasts, heralding a new era of immersive digital experiences.

Everybody’s had quite the wait for the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple’s launch of what’s deemed the most revolutionary and awaited product since the iPhone’s emergence in 2007 has been generating plenty of buzz for the past year, and the hype surrounding the inauguration of the year’s product is only intensifying as the calendar winds down.

Scheduled for the 2nd of February, when pre-orders of the spatial computing headset begin, the brand isn’t now only targeting long-time buffs. Apple’s Vision Pro aimed at offering a boundless spatial canvas for customers to navigate, investigate, and play, is also bound to be a gateway for innovative metaverse crypto companies.

This means that the headset’s not only bringing tech buffs to the yard, but also many of those who are checking the price of Bitcoin on colossal platforms like Binance and other individuals having a knack for new technologies, whether it’s reality-mixed spaces or digital payments and blockchain.

The new Apple avant-garde headgear can gradually make most of the current computing trends redundant, meaning that Metaverse crypto companies are not only foreordained to be redefined by the new spatial computing frenzy, but also bound to in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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Metaverse and blockchain ventures already flirting with an Apple partnership idea

Apple bets it can take the Metaverse mainstream and, since it already positions itself as the leading innovator of mixed-reality headgear, chances are that it will expand the boundaries of the industry to hard-to-reach new horizons. With Meta’s conveniently-priced, $499 headgear as a competitor, these two products further make Metaverse available and accessible to all sorts of purchasers, whether it’s a high-end product or a decently-priced one to experiment with what one’s looking for. However, the to-be-introduced Apple product uses single-eye technology that enables users with only one eye to enjoy the innovative headset unhampered, among other features.

Meanwhile, some companies have already shaken hands with Apple

The headgear is said to potentially turn into a fresh multi-billion-dollar income source for the leading computing company, which is already seeing some metaverse and blockchain ventures looking to collaborate with the heavyweight. Some of the companies have already coupled with Apple or are looking forward to, as the audience can observe:

  • Sandbox game’s co-founder anticipates that the new product will use blockchain and Web3 so much that Apple will eventually incorporate the technology as a pillar. Furthermore, generative AI technologies could propel the emergence of immersive environments that don’t need manual coding from developers. For instance, a dev could fuse an avatar drop with AR elements to offer consumers new ways to engage.
  • Drawing on Apple’s latest mentions, an innovative product linked with the Render network is being worked upon, helping both industries achieve mainstreamness. At the same time, as AI chatbots and other firms haven’t implemented crypto payments due to current difficulties, the new partnership is anticipated to pave a new path for such introductions.
  • Software leader Unity gained 26% after Vision Pro’s creator disclosed a partnership last June, representing the developer’s broadest climb since it listed its IPO four years ago.
  • Executive Director at Decentraland expressed that there’s a burning need for better hardware on which the open Metaverse can thrive. Furthermore, he is optimistic about the new release and its forays in the industry.
  • Disney has previously expressed interest in the industry, with the employment of executives to monitor its involvement in the sector standing as proof. Though the company has fired a number of employees, among whom some were part of the metaverse team, there’s still ground to believe that it will rank among the players heralding the emergence of a new chapter.

Apple’s current tech advancements mark a substantial leap in hardware, combining the real and virtual worlds through a glass pair based on AR. The product’s introduction will pave the path for new, upcoming interactive experiences and diminish the gap between real and digital realms.

Rokid already leads by example and boosts the metaverse industry

Founded in 2014 and revolutionizing spatial computing, bigwig Chinese AR company Rokid has lifted the metaverse barriers after raising around 500 million RMB, or the equivalent of $70MN USD, in its last strategic financing undertaking. Now, the company has already set a precedent for its contenders and solidified the foundation on which the Metaverse industry will keep growing, having the fundraising mentored by CEC Capital and the Hefei Municipal Government and cementing China’s position as a leader in AI and innovative technologies.

The Chinese tech company and Apple are gearing up simultaneously for their new emergence into the mixed-reality market. The former is advancing the metaverse industry as it’s laying the foundation of its industrial metaverse headquarters, an innovational research and development center, and an ecosystem hub within the Anhui Province capital’s New Station Hi-Tech Zone.

Hefei’s developing tech sectors with an emphasis on metaverse domains are to be advanced by the strategic partnership amid the heavyweight’s commitment to making use of the city’s electronic infrastructure while building alliances with regional partners. The company strengthens its enterprise solutions business and contributes to the already-stated vision of advancing the metaverse/XR industry evolution. According to Fan Hong, Chairman of HNVIC, an investment tool under the city’s government, both entities share the same goal of further improving the “2+5” industrial system and the “park + fund + ecosystem” framework. As a result, they aim at broadening the XR ecosystem, solidifying the micro-display value chain and fortifying the metaverse groundwork.

The collaboration between Hefei and Rokid marks a strategic alliance intending to expand the metaverse industry and build competitiveness within the realm. Other nations are similarly developing under-the-hood strategic partnerships to push the boundaries of the mixed-reality market further, prepping the stage for new groundbreaking advancements for the business and consumer to benefit.

Apple breaks as a premium contender into the Metaverse realm and more advancements are to emerge, with metaverse and blockchain companies standing as top entities to share explosive interest in partnerships with the likes of the industry leader. Keep tabs on the upcoming news and events and see what else Metaverse is cooking in the oven. 


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