Apeiron launches NFT marketplace to shake up gaming commerce

Apeiron, the first play-and-earn adventure god game on the blockchain, announced the long-awaited debut of its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in a bid to grow its business and cash in on gamers’ loyalty.

This move is being touted as a crucial milestone for the project, whose account holders will be eligible for the upcoming airdrop of the first half of the Battle Demo Pass, dubbed “Solar Fragment.”

Apeiron is part of a new wave of token-driven, play-and-earn NFT games where players can pilot massive elemental Avatars into battle using a real-time card-based combat system. The upcoming marketplace also supports its tri-token system, which utilizes governance, play-to-earn, and alliance tokens in tandem to create a dynamic economy that mirrors the real world. 

The announcement from the game developer, Foonie Magus, promotes the marketplace as a big step toward breeding planets and staking planets, bringing more functionality to this game.

Gamers creating a Marketplace account between September 7 and September 21 will be eligible for an exclusive airdrop. In addition, eligible users will receive the first half of the Apeiron Battle Demo Pass. The first half represents the Solar Fragment, with the other half becoming the Luna Fragment. 

On the site, players will be able to trade Apeiron Planets, where the main gameplay loop happens, at prices they see fit. Community members holding both the Solar and Luna Fragment can combine them into an Apeiron Battle Demo Pass.

Foonie Magus CEO and Apeiron creator Frank Cheng comments: “The launch of our marketplace marks the beginning of a countdown, a countdown to the rebirth of God Games and the dawn of a new paradigm, where quality innovations begin revealing themselves in web3.”

Inspired by classic God-games, Apeiron offers an integrated gameplay where users can shape the world from on high before getting down to earth as a controllable Avatar to unlock the universe’s mysteries. 

Apeiron is developed by Foonie Magus, a sub-brand of Aither Entertainment, a team of well-known developers with extensive expertise in creating and developing games. The launch of its marketplace comes shortly after the game has raised over $17 million at the close of their seed round. 

The milestone builds on a modern spin on god-genre gameplay, and provides a carefully designed economic model that is shaking up the normal model of gaming commerce.

Alongside its unique third token that caters to guilds members and multiplayer, Apeiron’s gaming ecosystem is set to grow outside the blockchain domain as it now offers entertainment value both for crypto and non-crypto players alike.