Amplica Labs and MeWe Facilitate the Transition of 500K Users to Web3 with Frequency Blockchain Integration

Amplica Labs and MeWe have reached a milestone by migrating 500,000 users to Web3, utilizing the Frequency blockchain. This achievement is part of their effort to transition from traditional web platforms to a more decentralized internet, enhancing user control over their data and experiences.

Amplica Labs, under the McCourt Global umbrella, has been instrumental in this transition. The collaboration between Amplica Labs and MeWe has harnessed the power of Frequency, a Layer-1 blockchain, to facilitate this large-scale migration. This move is a part of their broader mission to empower users with greater control over their data and sharing experiences, a cornerstone of the Web3 ethos.

Jeffrey Edell, Chairman and CEO of MeWe, highlighted the importance of this transition, emphasizing that “enabling half a million users to engage with Web3 technologies and enjoy its benefits is a significant milestone for us and the future of the internet. MeWe is excited to offer our users unprecedented levels of privacy and control as well as a growing set of features and benefits that are enabled by these amazing Web3 technologies.”

Frank McCourt, founder of Project Liberty and McCourt Global, expressed satisfaction with this achievement, noting that “this tremendous milestone is clear proof that large-scale migration to a healthier internet is possible.”

Braxton Woodham, co-creator of DSNP and president of Amplica Labs, reflected on the success of this milestone: “Our team at Amplica Labs is thrilled that this significant milestone of crossing 500,000 migrations to the Frequency ecosystem has been achieved. This rapid growth reaffirms our commitment to create tools and infrastructure that enable developers to lead the way in building the next generation of social networks. Decentralized and open-source technologies are the keys to empowering people, and at Amplica Labs, we are dedicated to helping businesses transition to this exciting new chapter in the history of the internet.”

The integration of Amplica Labs under Project Liberty, a $500-million initiative led by McCourt Global, aims to combat the dominance of Big Tech and foster a new era of digital innovation that benefits society. This initiative brings together Amplica Labs and the Project Liberty Foundation, involving prominent academic and civic organizations, to develop a commercial ecosystem focused on next-generation digital infrastructure.

Amplica Labs stands at the forefront of this initiative, committed to empowering creators in building the next generation of social applications. Their work with core protocols like Frequency and DSNP plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of social interaction on the internet.

MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights remains a cornerstone of its platform, offering users control over their data and a unique, ad-free, algorithm-free social media experience. The integration of Frequency blockchain into MeWe’s platform has been a game-changer, enabling the network to lead the charge in decentralized social networking.

Frequency blockchain, with its cost-effective transaction capabilities, is designed to revolutionize decentralized social applications. By supporting the Social Web’s expansion, Frequency enables applications to efficiently offer Web3 features to large user bases, capitalizing on the universal, shared social graph of DSNP.