Agra Markets expelled from Financial Commission’s membership

The Financial Commission today announced the dismissal of Agra Markets from its membership a result of a breach of the broker’s contractual obligations.

The Financial Commission

The membership status of Agra Markets was terminated due to failure to adhere to membership rules and after it was given numerous opportunities to rectify its shortfalls, as stated in a FinaCom statement.

Agra Markets was expelled from the Financial Commission effective May 3, 2024, following “repeated notices of violation of Financial Commission Rules and Guidelines.”

As such, the commission noted that it will not be able to process any new complaints from Agra Markets clients, following its expulsion from its roster as of the date of this announcement and moving forward, or until membership is approved again.

“Agra Markets clients will not be eligible for reimbursement from the Financial Commission’s compensation fund as a non-member, since the compensation fund can only be used by clients of approved members, and is subject to the ruling by our Dispute Resolution Committee. The Financial Commission notes that it will not be able to process any new complaints from Agra Markets clients’, following its expulsion from the Financial Commission as of the date of this announcement and moving forward,” the statement reads.

FinaCom doesn’t process complaints for non-members

Agra Markets had been a member of the Financial Commission since 2022. Traders of a company with this membership status can be eligible for compensation of up to €20,000 per complaint, as well as having access to all dispute resolution services offered by the commission. All clients of member companies are protected by the Compensation Fund, which acts as an insurance policy.

In cases when complaints are filed against a member firm, the Financial Commission uses a proven method to process complaints and a decision is delivered by the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC). The Financial Commission cannot process complaints against non-members, and no further action is taken.

The Financial Commission has been actively expanding its list of members in recent months. The expulsion of Agra Markets from membership is an important step as it adds credibility to the Financial Commission and encourages companies that are already members to adhere to the highest standards of operation.

In addition to providing dispute resolution and certification services to the participants of the Forex and derivatives markets, the Financial Commission extends its coverage to the crypto community and blockchain startups.