You Want to be a Professional Trader? Sandinavian Capital Markets is Calling

Scandinavian Capital Markets,a Stockholm-based FX specialist, has launched a funded trader program to attract traders who wish to become professionals in the asset management business.

The asset manager and FX broker offers capital to traders who can pass a simple exercise, regardless of their educational background or location, with funds going up to $1,000,000, depending on the performance of each trader.

As we live in a technological world more than ever, with internet connectivity and easy access to educational resources, almost anyone in the world could become a professional traders if only they were given the chance.

Scandinavian Capital Markets wants to give that opportunity. “Forex and cryptocurrency trading isn’t taught at universities. Therefore, this opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of your educational background or location”, they stated.

To be accepted into the program, traders must pass a simple assessment that demonstrates their trading capabilities. “Some of the most consistently profitable traders in the world aren’t based on Wall Street or Canary Wharf; they’re working from their homes, hundreds, even thousands of miles away from major financial centers. We’re looking for the best traders out there to enhance our strategy portfolio,” commented Jamie Saettele, Chief Technical Analyst at Scandinavian Capital Markets.

To pass the test, traders will haveto generate 10% profit without exceeding a daily 4% loss or a 5% account drawdown, but there is no deadline to complete the assessment.

Traders accepted into the program will be given at least $25,000 to manage and the funds can grow up to $1,000,000 based on performance. The higher the capital, the greater are the performance fees.

They will be managing the capital of Scandinavian Capital Markets and its investors. Profitable traders retain 75% of the profits generated on the accounts. Traders who are consistently profitable with the firm’s capital will also be eligible to trade larger capital amounts and truly become professional asset managers.

There is no limit to how often traders can perform an assessment, and failures will not impact eligibility once they succeed. Interested traders can learn more about the funded trader program at the company’s website.