Former TradAir CEO Viral Tolat Launched New AI Tech Firm

TradAirViral Tolat one of the original co-founder of Silicon Valley based FX software and technology service provider Integral Development Corp and former CEO of UK based FX & Crypto trading firm TradAir has moved on to a new venture. Viral has now established a new firm called Neural Engines – a company that is focused on creating a platform for building applications. The content of firm’s website shows that they are on to some unique and exciting plans and prospects despite still being on their early days. The welcome note on the firm’s website quotes, “Neural Engines is a new technology firm that is using Artificial Intelligence for application development. The core of Neural Engines is the E-Cortex, a neurophysiology inspired system that maps the real world into a machine learning form and provides a platform for building applications using AI. The E-Cortex uses evolutionary algorithms and data transformations to allow for real-time, fast and efficient training of systems”.

The website claims that the firm is in process of developing a set of vertical business platforms that will transform IT industry the way automation improved manufacturing process. The AI that they are developing is touted as a platform where experts train the platform/system to do the required tasks instead of individuals sitting to write business spec and work on program code. They aim to eradicate a scenario where the traditional process of numerous programmers who develop codes via trial and error with lots of bugs are replaced by systems which are trained by domain experts to perform required tasks. Tolat is a familiar name to most major figureheads in the industry and also to readers who regularly follow industry moves given his extensive experience in both financial service and technology sectors. Prior to his current project, Tolat served as Chief Executive Officer of TradAir for a period of one year and 2 months according to his linked in profile.

He has resigned from the role as CEO owing to conflicting work hours despite showing considerable success in his role with the firm, but has opted hold an advisory position in the firm and remains a part of TradAir family to this day. Prior to his tenure at TradAir, he served as Chief Technology Officer at EBS dealing resources for a period of 5 years. He started his career in Integral Development Corporation as one of its co-founders back in 1993 and remained a part of the firm’s family as its Chief Technology Officer for nearly two decades until his resignation back in December 2012. While serving at Integral, Tolat helped in building and shaping up the firm’s technology from scratch which to this day remains on the major contributing factor to its successful business with its many clients ranging from brokerages, bank and investment companies.

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