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Tools4Brokers Shows Strong Growth in H1 of 2021

Tools4Brokers, one of the biggest and oldest companies in the FX Broker tools space, has revealed the H1 results of this year in what seems to be a move to be more transparent and open about the growth of their business.

No financial details were revealed but the report was more about the growth in the volume of transactions processed and the increase in the number of clients that it has managed to achieve during the first half of this year. The company has grown from a total of 83 people at the beginning of the year to 105 members by the end of the first half. The company also said that it has added 47 new clients this year bringing the total number of clients to 170 but with the growing number of clients, customer support becomes very important which is why the biggest department in the company continues to be customer support which it provides 24×7 for all its clients.

Its most important and revenue-generating products have been the liquidity bridge and the TFB PAMM which they continue to upgrade and add more features every month. The report also projected a large increase in volume in the transactions processed by its PAMM which shows a huge increase in the volume compared to last year though no details of the actual numbers were given. Tools4Brokers has been around in the FX Tools industry for a long and has a wide range of products and has been growing steadily over the years, both in terms of several resources and also in terms of the products that they offer. They have always made sure that they stay abreast of the market and ensure that the upgrades are tuned towards what the market demands.

They mainly work with different FX brokers and specifically for the MT4 and MT5 platforms for which they not only provide a variety of tools but also offer white labels and other standard functions provided by other master labels. The company has also been expanding its offices in London and other regions in Europe and Asia as it sees exceptional growth for its products in these regions. It has also been seeing increasing competition in this space over the last few years with several customized products being built by the brokers themselves as well as other startups as well. This new outreach from T4B seems to be an effort to counter this increasing threat.