Nasdaq and Hashdex launch course on Crypto for asset managers

This is not the first time Nasdaq and Hashdex work together. Previously, they have jointly developed and launched the Nasdaq Crypto Index in February 2021 and launched a Crypto ETF tracking that index.

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Nasdaq has launched a twelve-part course designed to provide informative and educational resources for financial advisors on the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem, investing considerations, regulation, taxes, and more.

Going by the name of Advisor Academy Digital Assets curriculum, the course was made in partnership with crypto-focused asset manager Hashdex and is open to all financial professionals free of charge.

The program contains live presentations on core learning materials, Q&A, and practice modules for each session in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the digital asset landscape, including participants, institutions, rules, and strategies.

Lectures are guided by Keith Black, PhD, CFA, CAIA, FDP, adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts, and includes participation from Nasdaq and Hashdex experts. Each session is followed by discussions with leading industry practitioners.

Jake Rapaport, Head of Digital Asset Index Research, Nasdaq, said: “The continued development of digital assets and blockchain technology allows for a range of potential applications and investment opportunities. As we see an increased interest among financial advisors in obtaining knowledge in the digital asset space, we set out to provide resources to empower the investment community as they consider incorporating crypto into their investment strategies.”

Matthew Flood, Head of Business Development (U.S.A.) at Hashdex, commented: “Hashdex and Nasdaq are committed to helping investors around the world better understand the crypto ecosystem, and the Nasdaq Advisor Academy Digital Assets curriculum is an educational resource developed with this mission in mind.

“Given growing interest and demand among financial advisors, we are thrilled to partner with Nasdaq in developing this course, which has been designed specifically for those interested in offering this asset class to their clients. We look forward to continuing to offer new and engaging ways that invite innovative investors to learn more about the emerging crypto economy.”

This is not the first time Nasdaq and Hashdex work together. Previously, they have jointly developed and launched the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) in February 2021. The index offers a reliable benchmark for the asset class and a way to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Hashdex is a pioneer in crypto ETFs, having launched the Hashdex-Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF (HASH11 and HDEX.BH), tracking the NCI. The ETF is available for trading on both the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) and the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX).