CoinList Raises $100 million in Series A

CoinList, a large exchange for early token listing, has announced that it has raised $100 million in its Series A funding which no pushes the valuation of the company to $1.5 billion as it continues to grow strongly.

The company offers a range of products for users and also for token listings as it helps push the various tokens to its large userbase. The investors who participated in this round included Accomplice, Agman, Haskey Capital, and others and it is expected that the platform would be using these new funds for growth and expansion and also to bring in other products including staking and lending as well. The company works with a mission to take crypto to the mainstream and says that it would do things necessary to achieve this. One of the ways that it sees this happening is by encouraging token issuances from new crypto companies which would help them raise the funds and grow the network to push the boundaries of crypto further.

“In this round, we focused on deepening relationships with our existing community rather than signing new venture capital. And our community is truly global. While we have some great U.S. investors, our new investors are the most active users and partners in the regions where we are growing fastest – Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We’re very excited to have them join us,” said CoinList CEO, Graham Jenkin.

The company says that it has increased its KYC completed userbase by 42x over the last 12 months and has also grown the transactions volumes in the trading and staking markets. It has also launched the Seed program which has helped 50 startups to raise funds from various investment companies. The fact that the crypto market has seen some explosive growth over the last few months has indeed helped in the above growth of userbase and transaction volumes. The company would expect that this flow would continue to increase in the coming months as it seeks to expand into other regions globally and push crypto usage across a vast section of people. This would help the crypto industry as a whole and also help in building confidence among the investors in Coinlist and other companies as well.