Secures $10bn to Launch EOS-Powered Exchange Bullish, the company behind cryptocurrency EOS, has launched a new subsidiary focused on the 2021 planned release of Bullish, a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Bullish Global will operate the Bullish exchange, which will run through central order book technology while integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) market architecture: a cryptographically validated, provable, and immutable audit trail of all transactions processed.

Utilizing EOSIO and the EOS Public Blockchain, Bullish claims to be the first to bring externally verifiable state integrity to a high-performance trading and asset management platform.

The Bullish exchange will offer automated market making, lending, and portfolio management tools while driving deeper liquidity to digital assets.

Bullish Global has been capitalized with over US$10 billion in cash and digital assets, first from an initial injection by of US$100 million, 164,000 BTC, and 20 million EOS, and then from a US$300 million strategic investment round led by Peter Thiel’s Thiel Capital.

Other leading investors include Founders Fund, Alan Howard, Louis Bacon, Richard Li, Christian Angermayer, Galaxy Digital, and global investment bank Nomura, many of whom will serve as senior advisors to the company.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of, said: “The Bullish exchange will leverage blockchain technology and a new market architecture to revolutionize the high-performance trading landscape by transparently automating expensive third-party functions and turning them into yield-generating portfolio management tools to offer institutions and individuals better and safer access to the latest cryptocurrency investment strategies.

Peter Thiel added: “Bullish’s balance sheet is strong, and its vertical integration offers stability and liquidity to the cryptocurrency space. I’m happy to join Bullish as an investor and advisor as it gets started on a long and fruitful journey.”

Alan Howard commented: “Successfully bridging the gap between digital assets and institutional actors will shape the future of the financial sector as we witness greater mainstream adoption of digital currencies, and I am excited about being involved with Bullish’s mission to give its users more value added control over their financial future.”

Louis Bacon said: “The cryptocurrency market continues to benefit from institutional adoption, and Bullish is well-positioned to leverage blockchain-based market structures that will play an important role in further improving access for institutional and retail investors.”

Li added, “Bullish has built a strong team that is focused on bringing innovative and compliant solutions to market, and I’m delighted to be joining the Bullish advisory team to lend my experience in driving global success.”

Galaxy Digital’s Novogratz, said: “Bullish’s sheer size and scale combined with’s experience in high-performance blockchain engineering will make Bullish a formidable player from day one. I’m excited to be on the journey with this team.”

EOSIO is a free open source protocol which was created to facilitate speed, scalability and ease of use operations in a bid to improve the security while making fundamentals of distributed databases highly transparent. As per the recent statement released by the firm it has onboarded the entire EOS New York team including its founders Mr. Rick Schlesinger and Mr. Kevin Rose in order to improve and bolster its involvement with public blockchain communities and promote ideas which help foster an open, organized and decentralized public network operation while representing its interests as a token holder of several public digital assets has recently onboarded new executives to research public blockchain networks.