Beeks Acquires In-Stream Performance Analytics Provider Velocimetrics

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Beeks Financial Cloud

Beeks Acquires In-Stream Performance Analytics Provider Velocimetrics

April 17, 2020

BeeksBeeks - Velocimetrics Financial Cloud Group Plc has acquired Velocimetrics, a leading business flow tracking and real-time, in stream performance analytics, to make it a significant addition to its offerings to clients, while Velocimetrics will quickly benefit from the global reach of Beeks’
multiple centers in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The recent launch of the new stream2Cloud technology has added impetus to the deal for its clear synergies and market strategy common to both companies. stream2Cloud is designed to be fully compatible with the full Velocimetrics range of products and can be seamlessly integrated with VMX EndToEnd, the real-time, in-stream analytics system, for access to finance-specific analytics and visualization options in the cloud, remotely.

The acquisition will mean added monitoring capabilities for Beeks, while Velocimetrics will benefit from additional resources, and extended geographic reach. Velocimetrics’ expert team will continue to offer the same support for new and existing clients.

Velocimetrics will continue to operate as a distinct entity and Steve Colwill, CEO of Velocimetrics, will join the Beeks Group operations board with special responsibility for product development and mergers and acquisitions.

Steve Colwill, CEO of Velocimetrics
Steve Colwill, CEO of Velocimetrics

Steve Colwill, CEO of Velocimetrics, commented: “I am delighted with this acquisition, with the two companies clearly being an excellent fit for each other. The cloud is the future and with this year’s launch of our stream2Cloud product we have already started providing innovative cloud-oriented products. Our market-leading analytics will form part of the Beeks offering and teaming up with Beeks will provide the combined know-how and platform to develop this strategy further. We will, of course, continue to drive forward our innovation and development, at least at the same pace as we always have, if not faster. I’m very much looking forward to our teams working closely together.”

Gordon McArthur, Chief Executive Officer of Beeks Financial Cloud
Gordon McArthur, Chief Executive Officer of Beeks Financial Cloud

Gordon McArthur, CEO of Beeks Financial Cloud, said: “While the Group is focused on organic growth, we are always assessing strategic acquisitions that will complement our business model and expand our offering. The acquisition of Velocimetrics accelerates our product roadmap and minimizes anticipated product development spend for this functionality, providing us with the ability to offer our clients, today, value-added services in network monitoring and trade analytics. We will integrate the Velocimetrics offerings into our model and launch a SaaS version of their solutions, widening the addressable market for their offering into mid-tier institutions and making it applicable to our 200+ institutional customers. We look forward to welcoming the Velocimetrics team into the Group and delivering on the opportunity ahead.”

In 2019, Velocimetrics reduced tick-to-trade latency by 90%, from 100μs (microseconds) to 10μs using the Napatech SmartNIC FPGA-based solution.

In 2018, Velocimetrics appointed John Benini and Steve O’Brien to help expand its footprint among investment banks, international hedge funds, and exchanges in the United States and Canada.

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