B2Broker Releases B2Trader Update with Stop Order Feature On Board

B2Broker, the global fintech developer and provider of liquidity and turnkey solutions for brokerage companies, announced the release of an important update to its B2Trader Matching Engine that is sure to please all of its clients.

From now on the system allows you to use stop orders, which will make trading even more flexible and convenient. Already having the ability to trade spot FX and crypto, the platform has become even more functional with the introduction of new features. Thanks to this, end users will be able to apply new tools to control their trading strategies and manage their investments more carefully. 

Ability to Place Stop Orders

The new update will allow brokers using the B2Trader matching engine to provide their clients with an opportunity to use both types of stop orders, market and limit ones. It is worth noting that the new feature is available in all packages offered by B2Broker, and is applicable to all financial instruments available for trading on the exchange. Also, it will surely give more control and flexibility as far as placing orders is concerned. 

When the market moves against the trader, the stop market order is used by traders as a way to limit their losses and to take profits. So, it is possible to enter a market using a stop limit order at a specific price or to exit the market when it reaches a certain level using a stop limit order. Neither type of order can be submitted as a pending order, which is triggered when the market rises or falls to the specified level.

The stop price and the limit price are used to place stop-limit orders. The price at which the order will be executed is known as the stop price, and the maximum or minimum price at which the trade can be conducted is known as the limit price. The order will change to a limit order if the market hits the stop price, and when the market price is within the limit price, it will be filled instantly.

Using either the buy or sell buttons, people can place stop orders on B2Trader from the order entry screen. Furthermore, the chart allows users to place stop orders directly.


The fresh release of B2Trader was another step towards creating a product that will not only be able to meet even the boldest expectations of clients but will also become a benchmark of the performance in the order matching process. This update has improved the engine, and brokers and traders can already appreciate all the convenience and power of the platform. With the new updates, users can expect even more new and useful features that will surely improve their trading.