ATFX Launches 113 US stock CFDs to Address Demand

ATFX has announced the addition of 113 US stock CFDs, which include hot Chinese companies such as XPeng Motors and Tencent Music, which are listed in the US, along with 11 French stock CFDs.

Stock CFDs on the Rise

The new CFD products are available to its global clientele. So far, ATFX offers over 300 tradable instruments to clients, 273 of which are stock CFD products.

The FX broker is always looking to introduce new products based on consumer trends, needs and feedback. Equities have garnered much interest in recent years, but the pandemic triggered an explosion of demand for stock offerings and their derivatives counterparts.

ATFX has developed a comprehensive product portfolio, covering currency pairs, commodities, indices, crude oil, stocks, and other CFD products.

In addition, the broker offers over 300 tradable products, including shares of leading companies in fields such as technology, energy, health care, aviation, transportation, and banking.

ATFX is an award-winning FX/CFD broker with a global presence offering customer support in over 15 languages. ATFX is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Mauritius, and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

ATFX Enters New Expansion Phase

Earlier this year, ATFX Global appointed Dominique El Khoury as Head of Business Development. The well-established industry expert is well known in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets.

El Khoury has conducted numerous educational seminars across the MENA region, including Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Khobar, Dammam, Oman, Jordan, and Morocco.

The licensed trader with over 10 years of experience focusing on foreign exchange took his first business development role at ADSS, where he played a number of other roles as well including dealer, VP of sales trading, speaker and content writer, and VP retail sales.

After more than four years at ADSS, Mr. El Khoury moved to Axi in late 2019 as Head of Sales, MENA, based in Dubai, where he stayed until January 2021. Dominique El Khoury joins ATFX Global from Axi. He will be based in the United Arab Emirates.

The ATFX Group is a globally recognized broker, regulated in several territories with offices located in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

In September 2020, there was a staff shack-up at ATFX in which Mohamed Halim, who was previously Institutional Business Development Manager at ATFX and based in Dubai has moved on to lead development in the MENA region for TeraFX.

Concurrently, ATFX brought on Michael O’Sullivan as Project Manager to lead the company’s new phase of growth. Michael O’Sullivan brings some 14 years of experience to ATFX from his previous role at CMC Markets where he was most recently tasked with partnerships, operations and implementations, as well as helping the company develop and execute a universal sales strategy for its global operations. Mr. O’Sullivan also has cross functional experience in product and project management and operations delivery combined with extensive background on software development.

The staff changes come as ATFX is entering into a new phase of expansion, specifically in Asia with a focus on localizing its services and product sets. The company’s financial results from October 2019 indicate that while the broker booked a loss for its financial year, it still experienced a sizable uptick in turnover and other metrics since its launch several years ago. Further share capital investments in April and July of 2020 all but confirm that the company is poised to continue its planned expansion.