Alpari MENA appoints Jameel Ahmad as Chief Investment Strategist

“I am delighted to be joining a brand with such a long-standing reputation in the brokerage industry.”

Alpari MENA, the Dubai-entity of the UK-based retail FX and CFD brokerage, has appointed Jameel Ahmad as Chief Investment Strategist, marking a pivotal point in the company’s journey.

The broker is optimistic about the future for counting with Jameel Ahmad’s deep experience in the financial markets and his passion for excellence.

Jameel Ahmad led investment strategy at NAGA and FXTM

Jameel Ahmad joins Alpari after working as an independent multi asset strategist and advisor for over a year following a stint as Director of Investment Strategy at NAGA.

The bulk of his career was spent at Forex Time (FXTM), where he found himself being frequently promoted, from Chief Market Analyst to VP of Corporate Development and Chief Market Analyst, then Market Research. In his last three years at FXTM, he played the role of Global Head of Currency Strategy & Market Research.

Alpari believes Jameel Ahmad will lead the way and help overcome a particular challenge: to educate the public about the financial markets and investment strategies.

In his role at Alpari, Jameel leads a team of analysts and oversees the education mission to keep clients informed on current market conditions. Jameel is also responsible for developing the Alpari brand profile through appearing on tier-one financial outlets.

Jameel Ahmad will be the face of Alpari MENA

The abovementioned challenge only grows bigger due to the current period of uncertainty on a global scale, where it may seem scary to venture into the investment world at this time. On the other hand, opportunities are still abundant, but proper guidance is crucial, the new Chief Investment Strategist argues.

“I am delighted to be joining a brand with such a long-standing reputation in the brokerage industry. In the fintech environment where new brands are continuously appearing, the prospect of being part of a company that has a legacy on a global scale of more than two decades represents a unique opportunity. I very much look forward to reinforcing the global brand of Alpari through representing the company in media and events, as well as just as importantly educating clients and potential traders on financial market trends”, said Jameel Ahmad.

“We are encountering a period of prolonged uncertainty in the world that has led to a new era of financial market themes, such as the increased volatility that we have seen play out across various asset classes during recent months and this uncertainty means that it is pivotal that investors receive guidance to help make informed investment decisions.

“Timely insights behind what the latest macrofinancial issues mean for a portfolio are exactly what traders need during uncertain market conditions, and I look forward to commencing my new role immensely.”